Things Aren’t The Thing

selfLikes shares retweets position in hierarchy of company social order texts calls etc. These things don’t matter. What matters is that you’re in line with some form you match with. It’s easy to get distracted into thinking that the external response matches up with what is right for the internal. This is a pervasive thought pattern.

On the other hand, things that you think may be small and only matter to you are actually big and are for you to focus on. You have to not insult your inner world by going with what it tells you matters. If collecting coins or driving down to a certain intersection and walking around on a regular basis will give you a drive or remind you of who you are, you need to do that. It doesn’t matter if it is of no “use” on its own. Its use is connected to you.

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Hosting An Event And Reflecting

Events happen all the time, like the Consumer Electronics Show, South by Southwest, conferences across the country, seminars, panel discussions, employee workshops at hotels, X Games, TechCrunch Disrupt, coding bootcamps, Beyonce doing the Single Ladies dance, and so on.

It takes a lot to host and create an event, because numerous elements have to come together for it to run smoothly for attendees, and to present a message or purpose. Logistics are front and center, because you have to make all the contacts and adjust things to fit.

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p53 And You

The p53 gene is the most studied gene in history because it is instrumental in suppressing tumor growth potential in the form of cancer. It can activate DNA repair proteins when there is DNA damage, arrest cell growth, and cause a cell to kill itself if it is too far gone. It is always in your cells, protecting you to a high degree.

We have a lot of features we aren’t too aware of, or don’t take into account, but they are constantly at work. In the same way, we come across loads of opportunities throughout the day, but we only see a few, and bypass the rest. This is the nature of life. You can increase the ratio by looking beyond your routine perspective, but that takes effort.

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Bringing Together Your Parts

You are a multi-dimensional person according to 3D spectroscopy. You are also likely multi-dimensional in personality, tastes, interests, or favorite flavors of ice cream. What if you could bring these pieces together? Wouldn’t that be something? In fact you can. Just as you can combine ice cream flavors together, you can combine your separate parts.

If you like read to investment books like Warren Buffett, and also like to give speeches because your voice shines like the eagle’s nest, you could give a speech about investing to a group of people that show up for your speech because you told them about it. You could invest in a company that assists with speech recognition technology that you know more about than the average investor.

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