Play With Life

Life is here for you to play with.  You’re meant to mess with it and see what’s good for you.

Filter out what you don’t want by doing what you do want.  That’s the only path to success.  Until you can do that, you are stuck.

Find your own joy.  This can’t be taken from you.  When you find it, power is in your hands, and noone elses.  Only head to others once you have found yours, or else you will come from a place of need.

Life is meant for the playful, the doing, the being ones.


To fulfill some sort of purpose, you have to do things in an instance.  You can’t overthink about them or probably even think about them if you want to get things rolling.  This is the only smooth way to go.  When you are in a focused state with some momentum, good things show up.  Until you are in that state, they won’t.  You have to put in your effort to get in such a state.

It’s like you can’t buy groceries until you get to the grocery store.  Once you get there, you can buy all the fruits.  Trying to buy fruits before you get there is like trying to make great stuff without being in a moving state.  People can also feel when you are rolling.  They know what it is like, and can appreciate that quality.

If you can’t do something in an instance, you can’t do it.  This is the conundrum of action.  You can’t slowly get great results.  Things are binary in this fashion.

Thanks for checking out this article.  Glad to be up in here.

Close Your Eyes

Sometimes you need to close your eyes.  I am doing this right now while typing up this post.  It is a peaceful thing, and leads to you going into a different headspace.  Sometimes our eyes are open for too much of the day.  It isn’t healthy.

Try this and see if it leads to you thinking differently.  Maybe you can try typing up a letter to yourself with your eyes closed.  It is less full of distraction, and makes you feel like it is just you and your thoughts.

Where are you going to go in this world?  Do you follow your passions or what  moves you, or do you just do things you half want to do, uncertain about if they were worth your while.  We don’t have a choice on all of these things, but maybe we do.  Maybe we have a choice on some things that matter.  Maybe most people don’t give themselves the power to make these decisions.

When you are by yourself, close your eyes and think about the person you are.  Think about how the day was passing you.  See if you can’t handle closing your eyes because you feel like you have to check something.  Maybe you don’t need to check that thing.  Maybe that thing is causing you to feel fulfilled only when you check it, but it is a hollow fulfillment. The world is less structured than you think.  Maybe you could exit the structure in some ways and see it for the open environment that it is.

There is a part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens that waits on a stimulus from the outside like it is the most important thing that will show up.  Don’t be stuck satisfying that fleeting “joy”.  Look to something larger.

Sometimes you can’t see when your eyes are open, because of all the distraction around you.

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