Close Your Eyes

Sometimes you need to close your eyes.  I am doing this right now while typing up this post.  It is a peaceful thing, and leads to you going into a different headspace.  Sometimes our eyes are open for too much of the day.  It isn’t healthy.

Try this and see if it leads to you thinking differently.  Maybe you can try typing up a letter to yourself with your eyes closed.  It is less full of distraction, and makes you feel like it is just you and your thoughts.

Where are you going to go in this world?  Do you follow your passions or what  moves you, or do you just do things you half want to do, uncertain about if they were worth your while.  We don’t have a choice on all of these things, but maybe we do.  Maybe we have a choice on some things that matter.  Maybe most people don’t give themselves the power to make these decisions.

When you are by yourself, close your eyes and think about the person you are.  Think about how the day was passing you.  See if you can’t handle closing your eyes because you feel like you have to check something.  Maybe you don’t need to check that thing.  Maybe that thing is causing you to feel fulfilled only when you check it, but it is a hollow fulfillment. The world is less structured than you think.  Maybe you could exit the structure in some ways and see it for the open environment that it is.

There is a part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens that waits on a stimulus from the outside like it is the most important thing that will show up.  Don’t be stuck satisfying that fleeting “joy”.  Look to something larger.

Sometimes you can’t see when your eyes are open, because of all the distraction around you.

Self-Awareness In 2015

The clock hits 12.  It’s a new year in terms of time.  What is time?  You look to the celebration to the left and to the right.  A lot of movement and energy sets the scene.  Is it fleeting, and does that same moving time make it fleeting?  Here’s a mint plant:


The person who you are and the person you will become – are they so different?  Maybe there are parts of yourself you seek to express more and parts you seek to suppress.

“Don’t get too abstract”, they say.  “Give us more concrete visuals.”  It is too shortsighted to do so.  The concrete world around us is as malleable as melted gold.  Describing it is like describing the position of an electron before it moves to a different location as if that one location was of high relevance.

Maybe you could start reading or writing more in 2015.  That’s pretty concrete.  You could find books on topics you haven’t mastered, or fictional worlds you want to float through.  Maybe there is a podcast that would speak to your heart or brain or passions.  A book or a podcast or a show or a movie is simply someone else trying to communicate to you in some form.  What they are trying to say varies.

Captur2eIf you start reading books, you could highlight them.  You could take notes on the side of the page and that would help encode things, and makes the book look cooler like you participated in how it now appears.  You teamed up with the publisher!  Who doesn’t want to hook up with Houghton-Mifflin for some text printing?

In 2015, meditate to bring peace to yourself, but don’t fall asleep during the process.  Or you can just sit quietly without looking at a screen.

Much less is defined about the world you wake up in than it seems.  The criteria you set for yourself are the only requirements.

Attach your identity to the things that you do, and not to responses you get from others, or expectations you have that are out of your control.  It’s not as fun this way, but it puts your world in your hands.

I know you love top 5 lists so let’s do one:

Top 5 Things To Do in 2015

  1. You
  2. Read/Write
  3. Water every two hours(pretend you are a thirsty plant)
  4. Manage your head space as only you know how
  5. Share some of your warmth with others

Onward we go

Restarting Something You Left Behind

Is it possible to restart something you left on the backburner?  Can you pick up right where you left off with the same energy?  If you can, are there also the same people around who were supporting you at that time?  Times changes and so does the energy around a certain idea.  A fresh idea has so much more enthusiasm and support behind it than an old idea that is rehashed, unless the rehashing is done exceptionally well and with a new twist to it.

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