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How To Build A Connection With People
How to Build a Connection with People
There is a wide range of skills you can develop as a human being in order to enrich your life. As a coach, I like to study the people who have the most fulfilling lives and identify the skills they posses that made this possible. One skill that stands out is the skill of building a connection with other people.

Life Is Largely About Connecting

We human beings are social animals. We live in groups, we interact with each other and we have a deep, unrelenting need to bond with other people.


4 Ways To Get Your Brain

Into Action Mode
What is action mode? It is where your brain is in a state where it is ready to do critical thinking for a substantial period of time. How can you get to this state if you aren’t getting there currently? That is what this post is about. Following these steps should take you from where you are as point zero to being a pioneer in some category in a short period of time.


A Poem – January 2011
To the readers of Timeless Information
2011 is upon us in every nation.
How quick does time go? I can’t say
But very little room is left for delay.

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Don’t Be Ashamed To Do Things Your Way
We all know the generic ways that people do certain things. If you want to work out your biceps, a regular way that many people do it is to go to the gym or use their weights at home and curl them repeatedly until the work out is done. Now, let’s say that is boring to you, but you find it very enjoyable to hang all your clothes on opposite ends of a broomstick and curl that instead. Should you feel weird for doing this?

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