Restarting Something You Left Behind

Is it possible to restart something you left on the backburner?  Can you pick up right where you left off with the same energy?  If you can, are there also the same people around who were supporting you at that time?  Times changes and so does the energy around a certain idea.  A fresh idea has so much more enthusiasm and support behind it than an old idea that is rehashed, unless the rehashing is done exceptionally well and with a new twist to it.

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I used to interrupt people a lot when they were doing things they were focused on in public.  Some people were okay with this, but some people didn’t like it.  Lately I have reduced that.  Today, I went up to talk to someone, and she said she was writing a story, so I told her I don’t interrupt anymore and left her alone.  Later I was thinking it was nice that I left on that note and that she could come over if she had such a desire.  Two minutes after I had that thought, she came over and talked with me.  This was nice.

Imposing is one of my favorite things, but it doesn’t take the other person’s priorities into account and give them much breathing room.

When you give people breathing room, they can match your energy with some of their own.

Youth Policy Releases “Time Has Told Me”

a1941540704_2For those not in the know, the entity known as Youth Policy has released a new album titled Time Has Told Me, and it is packed with tracks that will take you to another place.  The hit song “Man of Science” is the clear front-runner, not only with its fluid presentation, but also its lyrical message and organization.  When someone thinks of Youth Policy, they think of the soft-toned creations that are all over this album, but “Man of Science” gives you another dimension of what band member GK can present.

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