100 Ways To Show Boldness

26213244_44ae5f06f6_mAfter reading Luciano‘s article about tackling any issue with a list of 100, which was one of the many articles in his recent Ebook containing some of the best material from Litemind in the last 2 years, there was no choice but to create one about boldness. I have written about boldness in this quote analysis, and this guest post, and so it was natural that it would be the topic of concern here.

This list is a set of actions and communications that I feel represent showing boldness to ourselves and others.Ā  Although you might want to pick out a couple of items on the list to try for yourself, an item or two on the list might spark your thinking about something you feel it is time for you to act upon.Ā  I would rather you try one item from the list, or relate one item on the list to something that comes to your mind that you then take action on, than to only read the whole list through.Ā  The following is 100 ways to show boldness through your actions and communications:


1. Raise your hand to ask a question in a class or meeting.
2. Run or compete for a position that you don’t meet the full requirements of.
3. Tell someone what one of the flaws they can correct is(in a friendly manner).
4. Lead a group of people toward a certain goal.
5. Set a pre-defined grade goal for yourself on an upcoming test.
6. Cook a meal for more people than just yourself.
7. E-mail the author of a book to make a point about a concept in it.
8. Talk to someone at the gas station.
9. Try to outdo someone at what they are best at.
10. Call up or e-mail an old friend that you perceive as more successful than you.

11. Voice your opposition against a rule or regulation that you feel is not appropriate.
12. Show your interest in a member of the opposite sex.
13. Exercise hard enough to push yourself slightly out of your comfort zone as far as health
14. Delete files on your computer that you have kept there for a long while out of uncertainty regarding whether you want to keep them or not.


15. Tell your roommate about a problem you have with them with the intent of working out a cooperative solution.
16. Make a list article if you have not done so recently to show others you are willing and able to do that as well.
17. Turn someones offer down when you know it doesn’t suit you both well in the longer term.
18. Quit an activity that you have done for a long period of time which hasn’t shown you enough benefits, regardless of the lost time fallacy.
19. Drive into an unknown area without GPS and explore.
20. Contact a professor/researcher to see how you can contribute your ability.

21. Perform a surprise action without informing the audience beforehand, and without explaining yourself afterwards.
22. Correctly use vocabulary words like resplendent, pernicious, and auspicious in your daily communications.
23. Conquer a fear by making sure the fear is right in front of you before you squash it, so that the memory of success is etched in.
24. Offer to help someone before they ask you for the help.
25. Wear clothing that you have that is not of the type that you normally wear, providing others with a different perspective of you.


26. Play music that you like, but usually refrain from showing people out of embarrassment, the next time you are able to show others in your car or a public setting.
27. Set a goal and accomplish it without informing anyone.
28. Try a food that you have avoided in the past, and continue trying one at a time until you find something you can’t help but add to your diet.
29. Create a word or phrase that people can attribute back to you, like David Allen’s “GTD” for Getting Things Done or “skuzz factor” for the amount of plaque on your teeth, and the various coinages of other well-known individuals.
30. E-mail someone in a big position with a powerful essay that could influence their attitude toward something they are currently doing.


31. Remove a protective barrier/buffer that you normally maintain, such as sunglasses you wear to cover up an insecurity, or a defensive attitude you always use when in public.
32. Take responsibility for a task or project that will take a month, knowing that it could require your assistance and effort at various times during the month.
33. Take a shower with no hot water to give yourself a sense that you could handle if the luxury of heated water was lost.
34. Take someone else’s work or creation and build off of it in a way that they may or may not approve of, letting them know you meant no ill-will.
35. Don’t hesitate in what you are doing, regardless of errors along the way.
36. Leverage the positive influence of multiple people to do something by first placing the expectations they all have of you in your mind, tackling the task, and then completing it knowing they will all be glad they trusted you would follow through.
37. Go to your local dentist or other medical individuals to get teeth, blood pressure, moles, or other components checked out.
38. Tell a customer the story about how you started your business.
39. Do the items that you have allowed yourself to think others are holding you back on, to show yourself that they didn’t even matter in the process.
40. Apply for some competition like a writing contest, marathon, Jeopardy, scholarship, graphics design contest, or something similar.

41. Go further than you normally go in your running, or business marketing, or product improvement.
42. Show up early to a function even if you might be one of the only ones there, if only to prepare or talk to one of the other early-goers.
43. Do something as soon as you find out about it, eliminating the middle-man period of time between stimulus and your response.


44. Tell a person or people something about you that you don’t normally reveal.
45. Go into a secluded space in a park or hidden area and loudly yell phrases you have been wanting to yell loudly.
46. Express happiness to others in the face of adversity.
47. Ask yourself why you have a certain bad habit, think about the source, and see if you can find a way to adjust the habit or replace it.
48. Show a high level of self-control, not giving in to impulses below a level higher than you normally set.
49. Filter less of what you normally say in order to seem like a more competent individual than you are.
50. Set up a meeting or event at a time days or weeks into the future.


51. Proudly announce your name when introducing yourself to someone.
52. Challenge someone else in an effort to improve them in one of their skills.
53. Turn down or don’t accept a compliment that you feel was said in order to manipulate you.
54. Read a book that you don’t feel you would agree with.
55. Wear or style or cut your hair in a different way.
56. Dress professionally to let others know you have success on your mind, even if they may judge you in some jealous way for it.
57. Take a financial risk that could leave you in dire straits if you don’t couple it with productive action.
58. Remain the “bigger man” toward, or ignore, someone who is out of line until they adjust their behavior or go their own way.
59. Send an e-mail to someone so powerful or influential that it will be good if you get a response and fine if you don’t, because you will then still be less likely to hesitate in e-mailing influential figures closer to your level.
60. Continue when others tell you to quit only because they quit at the point you are at.

61. Toss aside any negative thoughts that come to your mind while you are working and/or producing material.
62. Provide your response to a situation before others, even if it makes them look bad in comparison.
63. Communicate directly with people who have a hand in your success so that you aren’t surprised by some negative outcome that could come from your lack of engagement.


64. Tell someone you are going to read a book, read the book within a short period of time, and then tell them you read it and give them a summary.
65. In a social situation, make a joke or statement that drastically reduces tension.
66. Tell someone what you perceive their strengths to be.
67. Absorb change the minute it comes into your periphery.
68. Set a goal and then defend the time you set for work on the goal from external distractions/interruptions.
69. Take note of the jealousy others have of your position without letting it into your ego.
70. Switch your cell phone answering machine message to one that is more professional than your peers currently think you are.


71. Take part in an event where something that you are in the minority about is one of the vital skills/traits involved, making you the odd one of the group.
72. Show your competitor something you have succeeded on.
73. Get some desk or backyard plants/herbs/fruit plants and maintain them regardless of local conditions.
74. Create a collage picture of a group of people you know that know each other and send it to all of them.
75. Join your local Toastmasters public speaking group and develop your message.
76. Do something that you normally avoid doing because you feel it is beneath you.
77. Work toward your career passion with a loose back-up plan(might be called reckless boldness).
78. Create a how-to video or document on a process that you have done numerous times.
79. Be the most outgoing dancer at a dance/night club.
80. Start a project at your place of employment that leaves your boss no choice but to promote you due to your exemplary competency.

81. Look at a tough time in your past, see what the value from it was, and then tell others a story about that time, including the tough parts.
82. Respond to others with definite and resolute statements, as opposed to weak postponement-related phrases and sounds.
83. Write a page about what the reality of your days is like without covering any parts up with excuses.


84. Possibly with another person, find a tree you can climb and go a small amount further up than you would normally see yourself going.
85. Tell a curious person what your passion is instead of details about activities you have done that you were not interested in.
86. Correct a verbal mistake someone makes when you see that it affects how you perceive their message.
87. Question someone on how their past successes are relevant to them in the current environment and time.
88. Show appreciation to others for what they have helped you with, even if they have wronged you in other ways.
89. Announce your past successes when relevant to describe your reputation without worrying about intimidating others.
90. Adopt some type of restricted or structured diet(vegetarian or vegan or high-spinach et al) that suits you better and let others know when they are offering you food that doesn’t fit into it.

91. Apologize to someone you maligned in the past.
92. Sing along with a song when others are around.
93. Create a motivational quote of your own that you later use to motivate others, and also tell them that you made it, such as:

Head toward the finish line or watch your competitor cross it. – Armen Shirvanian

94. Remind others of a large-scale problem they might like to forget or ignore, with the intent to elicit spreading of a message.
95. Do the hard part yourself, and leave the easy parts for others to fill in.


96. Compare yourself to successful figures when you are communicating.
97. Do your part to make more sales even when other co-workers have slowed down their efforts and thus are at risk of unemployment.
98. Travel to a worthwhile location in another city, county, state, or country, and then present others with pictures of your travel when you return.
99. Read a book that you feel is slightly above your level of reading comprehension.
100. Don’t hesitate to implement a good idea.

26 thoughts on “100 Ways To Show Boldness”

  1. Got a great kick out of those Armen. Apparently I am quite bold since I recal doing many of those today, let alone at any other point. Not sure why, but I love #21. An unexplained action to an audience. Brilliant, that one is mine!

  2. Ron: Thanks for that and I hope action comes from it.

    Mike: Thanks there. I can see you accomplishing various ones of these as you don’t tend to hold back or hesitate. #21 is one of those ones that will cause others to really take notice since it is rare.

  3. Hey Armen! This is a terrific list! I love breaking out of comfort zones because it just brings abt the fastest growth. I’ve bookmarked this list for future reference. Thanks for the link love with #77 šŸ™‚ I especially love #59 too by the way.

  4. Celes: Thanks for that. I would agree with that point about comfort zones. It’s tough to break out of them though.

    On that point about #59, I actually did e-mail the administration after minor hesitation, and it was a valuable experience.

  5. Celes: They sure didn’t send a response back, which is reasonable as it was a bit of an outlandish request, but I was still glad I got through any thoughts of hesitation.

  6. I wish I could do some of these things but I was raised not to be “pushy”. Consequently even reading some of these things make me cringe šŸ™

  7. Kim: Okay, that makes sense. If it is not in your interest to be bold in these ways, that is reasonable. At the same time, trying one or two of them might change your day for the better.

  8. Eduard: Thanks for that. That is a pretty cool variation. Often times, being unfriendly, with good intent, is just as good as being friendly. People will figure out sooner or later that you were trying to helpfully challenge them.

  9. Excellent on the kudos for Toastmasters, which I have been a part of for years. Public speaking is the # 1 fear according to statistics, even above dying! And the other 99 are excellent ideas too, Armen!

  10. Wonderful list you have here Arman. Participation in every event is somewhat a problem but it is the major thing that we should always do to create self esteem and stand out in a crowd. Thanks for the list!

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