200th Post On Timeless Information

Hi everyone.  I have hit another milestone here, or “landmark” as someone I know called it, and I’ve got various items to point out.  First of all, this is the 200th post/article here on Timeless Information.  It is cool to take notice of stepping-stones along the way, like my 100th post.  I made a list of things I wanted to mention in this post too.

See You In The Comments

One thing is that I want to hear from you folks.  If you haven’t commented before, this post is a good one to comment to.  Point out whatever comes to mind, or just say “hello”, or let me know an article you liked, or tell me why you read Timeless Information, or so on.  Also, if you haven’t, go ahead and put your Twitter name in below the comment box, and then it will keep it on record and have a link to it after your comments in the future.

The Self-Improvement Sites Page

Also, I wanted to mention many folks and their sites.  First of all, if you have not seen it yet, I made a super-duper page that contains a table with a list of self-improvement type sites ranked by RSS subscriber numbers, along with the associated Twitter page, and then the Twitter count of that page as well.  It is here:


If you have a self-improvement/personal development/self-help/psychology/success type site that has your RSS feed publicized, and have a Twitter account, there is a good chance you are already on there.  I’d appreciate any linking/sharing or use of the list as a resource.

I was about to mention folks who are growing their sites quickly, but there are quite a few.  Some that come to mind include Henri from Wake Up Cloud, Dragos from DragosRoua.com, and Oscar from Freestyle Mind.  Many others are also, but I just wanted to point out a few.

A conversational tone like this is not normally used by me, I think, but it is good to use, and I’m glad to do it on a milestone post such as this.  I might go back to being un-conversational when the next post comes around.

Some Statistics

Here are some random points of information.  This is the 200th post.  I have about 20 categories of articles.  I have about 2000 comments, but it’s about 1200 real comments, and 700-something spam.  It still keeps the “2” theme going, though.  My Alexa rank is around 200000.  There are 2’s everywhere at this time.  Also, this site currently has about 500 subscribers.

A Few Folks/Sites To Mention

Now I am just going to point out person after person.  Celestine Chua over at The Personal Excellence Blog is doing it big like Oprah with “The Celestine Chua Show” that she has started.  Video is always enjoyable to see, and I have to say that that signature reminds me somewhat of Oprah’s.  Cool material.

David Turnbull over at Adventures Of A Barefoot Geek has been rolling smoothly since his guest post on Zen Habits.  He’s got some huge/expansive articles that he has put out.  Some were almost too large at first, but now we are more used to them, and they are in detail.  This post about persistence is so large and jam-packed with material.  Few people can do it like that.

Oscar at Freestyle Mind recently updated his site to put it on his own blogging platform written in rails, replacing WordPress.  That sure is doing something uncommon.  His site has a new look with some noticeable colors.  Oscar has a cool voice too, as I have heard him on Skype.

A few weeks back, Mike over at Learn This released a big one called 100 Ways to Serve Others, which is an article that includes 100 ways to serve others.  I added that description for entertainment purposes.  When you serve others, you get fulfillment that fuels you like no other fuel.

I recently did an interview of Gail from A Flourishing Life, and her great nature continues to be spread through her articles and comments.  She has recently discussed meditation, with a how-to post, and a related audio to use for it.  I found benefit from giving it a try.

Shout Outs To Some Folks You May Have Seen In The Comments

Now I’d like to mention a few regular commentators on the site.  I went through and checked, because I had a couple of folks that came to mind, but when you check your recent articles, you start to see some folks multiple times, and those are your ‘big supporters’.  I’d suggest doing the same on your site, if you have one.

Some individuals I want to give a shout-out to are Eduard, Gordie, Marc, Hulbert, Sibyl, Amit, Dan, Richard, Baker, Mighty, Srinivas, Vincent, and Steven.  I’ll just point out random facts related to these individuals.

Eduard from Ideas With A Kick recently guest posted here on Timeless Information, and I also guest posted on his site.  It was good to have him here.  He is a communication coach for those who don’t know.

Gordie did a great community-gathering item over at Lifestyle Design For You, getting many people together to regularly post there(including me), and he sure has a personable attitude.  You can see all the writers he brought together on the top of his site.  However, he has recently posted his last post on the site for this year, as he switches priorities.  Still a cool guy to talk to.

Black Belt Guide by Marc is somewhat of a new site, but he has certainly brought some focus to it.  A couple of notable articles there are these two about mind push ups.  We have the ability to do for our mind what push ups do for our body, and Marc discusses this.  There is a lot of detail and typing elements in these posts, like numbered lists and bold sections and red sections and so on.  It makes reading them easier.

Hulbert over at From Bottom Up is a warm individual that has talked from his mind on his site.  He gives personal examples, like his last couple articles talking about his brother’s experience.  It is when people talk from what they are actually thinking that we are most able to connect with them.

Sibyl over at Alternaview always present an alternate perspective on things we normally do.  This is what the alternaview is about.  She sometimes takes a concept, presents the regular response or thinking related to it, and then switch into alternaview mode, which is like putting on thought-expanding glasses.

The Power of Choice is run by Amit, and he has been going strong for quite a few years now, presenting concepts that we think about in our heads, like that of how we control our showing of gratitude so we don’t become pushovers.  It is important to not become a pushover, because then we are letting others and ourselves down at the same time.  Others want us to be resilient, too, because it is better for them also.

Srivinas from over at The Skool Of Life has been doing some cool stuff.  He has started a podcast site with Sid Savara called BlogcastFM, where they interview other bloggers, including those who are on the page of self-improvement sites I created, like Jonathan Wells, or Jonathan Mead.  If you are a Jonathan, you may be next to be interviewed.  I am joking, as they have interviewed non-Jonathans as well.

Dan can be located writing at The Anxiety Support Network, where he guides readers in dealing with issues related to social anxiety.  It is a specific category, and one that is certainly relevant for numerous folks who are hindered by anxiety-related causes.  He gets you thinking a little bit with article like “What is Normal?“, getting you to question what you label as normal for characteristics of people in society.

Richard Shelmerdine writes at Spiritual Awakening about spiritual growth and personal development.  One cool thing is that he has a group of articles that relate to his own story as a person.  That is where learning happens.

At Beyond Success, Baker also talks about personal development, and he writes like he thinks.  You can see some questions answered, and examples provided, and examples are what we need to see to get concepts down.  In this post about attracting what you want, he presents two separate examples to make his point, in sections labeled as example 1 and 2.

Vincent over at HealthMoneySuccess recently passed 1000 subscribers.  Also, I had a guest post that went up on there not too long ago about being decisive, not only for yourself, but for others.  Vincent also does podcast interviews with other individuals, like this one with Pat Flynn.

Steven from Human Explosion is a cool guy, and although he has not been posting as much recently, the material and comics he has posted thus far are just great.  You can see his material as “personal development meets The Oatmeal“, for those who know of The Oatmeal, and his drawings always send home a simple message.  I like much of his pictures.

Mighty over at MightyRasing talks about transformational leadership, and how to be the person running the show.  His material is made for those who want to rise above and represent for others, presenting a solid image of what people should want to be.  He has started posting continued series posts every Wednesday, and is currently in a 5-part series called Ignite Yourself, which started with this post.

Other than that, I didn’t have much else in mind at this time.  I appreciate you folks for reading my material, and for presenting yourselves as you are in messages or on your own sites.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comments~


56 thoughts on “200th Post On Timeless Information”

  1. Hey Armen, good job on reaching this milestone. Thanks for adding a link to my site, and I just wanted to say that your blog has been a prime example of persistence, dedication, and motivation. I look forward to seeing more from you and congratulations on your 200th post!

    1. Hey Hulbert.

      Thanks there. Glad to add your site also. That site list is now quite comprehensive for the category it is in. I use it as a resource now also.

      I appreciate the kind words. Effort plus a positive attitude makes for great things with lasting relevance.

  2. Hey Armen,

    Congrats on your progress. I think you’ve done some great things here. I’m pretty much chugging along right next to you with subscriber growth increasing weekly. Thanks for the shoutout on BlogcastFM

    1. Hi Srinivas.

      Thanks. When you said “great things” there, it reminded me of how my 2009 recap post that I did made me realize the many cool things created here. If we don’t reflect, we don’t realize.

      You are going smoothly and great at The Skool Of Life, and BlogcastFM is a cool concept made real.

    1. Hi Marc.

      I think I just mentioned that on your site, but actually a few of the sites I mentioned are newer sites. Just wanted to add that in.

      Thanks for the kind words. I sure can see it as a breakthrough. That’s how I will look at it.

  3. Congratulations, Armen! 200 posts is a great milestone. I love what you are offering here – you pose very practical questions and suggestions that inspire people to be happier and more fulfilled. Your generosity shows everywhere. If people followed your advice, they would be much more likely to realize their dreams.

    I am so grateful to you for mentioning my site, and glad to have you as a cyber-friend. Wishing you many anniversaries like this one!!
    .-= Gail @ A Flourishing Life´s last blog ..Everyday Meditation =-.

    1. Hi Gail.

      Thank you. I like the way you said those items about my writing here. I think I would agree with that description. Actually, maybe I will take some of these descriptions and make a testimonials page.

      Glad to mention the wonderful A Flourishing Life. I’m on the Gail team, if there was a Gail team. Thanks for the support, and I could also view as an anniversary. I’ve got multiple ways to describe it now~

  4. Armen: Thank you for the shout out and the thoughtful description of the alternaview. I may have to use some of your description in the future to describe the alternaview 🙂 Congratulations also on hitting yet another milestone. You are always providing such valuable and timeless 🙂 information. It is great to be a part of the community on your blog and I am very much looking forward to continuing to watch you hit milestone after milestone. Thanks again for the comment and congrats.
    .-= Sibyl – alternaview´s last blog ..How to Not Ever Give Up on Something You Really Want =-.

    1. Hi Sibyl.

      Sure thing there. That is how I see the alternate way of seeing things that we and all can think of as “the alternaview”.

      Glad for the kind words there. Your words remind me that there is a community here, which is cool. I like this phenomenon.

  5. Armen, congratulations on # 200!!!! I remember celebrating my 100th post by writing up a post on 100 Lessons about Life & Blogging. It was fun to mark a milestone, celebrate, make a point of it, and then keep going to reach the next! And the theme of gratitude in yours, sending shout-outs and thanks to those who helped you get here, shows just how humble you are I am relatively new here but have been to your site a few times before, and this time I am here to stay as a more committed reader. Thank you and ciao for now!

    1. Hi Farnoosh.

      Thank you for that“ That is a cool and informative way that you celebrated your 100th post. 100 Lessons links well to 100 posts. I hear you about marking a milestone and continuing. About the shout-outs, I sure am glad to do them. People don’t always know what we think or support until we point them out. It’s better to be direct and open than assume items items and regret later.

      Glad to have you as a reader. On a side note, you have made a huge blunder with the Twitter link there. Just kidding around. However, you would want to put “prolificliving” in the box below the comment box next time, and then it will keep it there.

      1. Ok, let’s see if two electrical engineering degrees and a few other certifications can help me figure this out. How does it look now? :))!!!!
        thank you again and ciao for now.

          1. They sure are good huh. I cook them sometimes and they are like regular potatoes +1. Normal cooked food for the win.

            Are you calling me a sweet potato? I’m watching you, miss. I should hope you’ll be soft and sweet. Maybe you’re the sweet potato.

            -Armen “sweet potato” Shirvanian

    1. Hi Ryan.

      Thank you there. I am glad that you found it as well. In fact, each of my next 200 posts will describe how I felt while writing each of my first 200 posts.

      Nope I’m joking around there. Glad to hear from you.

    1. Hi Oscar.

      Thank you Oscar Del Italy. I appreciate the support, and Freestyle Mind keeps rolling, and I am going to randomly show up on Skype when you least expect it, or maybe when you expect it. Either way, I’ll show up at some time.

    1. Hello Farouk.

      Thank you for that. I appreciate that support.

      Also, great material on 2 Know Myself. It sure is an extensive resource.

    1. Hi Gordie.

      Thank you cool Gordie. I hear you there. I am sure video will make a reappearance here at some point. When it feels right, I shall continue it. Cool deal about LD4U. If any manager wants someone to assemble a super team, Gordie is who they need to contact.

      Good to hear from you.

  6. Hey Armen. Cool stuff on the 200th post. You’ve been consistent and continued to rock the blogosphere with your posts.

    By the way, I was so jealous about not being on your sites list that I activated my FeedBurner Count so you can add me there.

    Thanks for the mention too dude! 🙂

    1. Hi Henri.

      Thank you there. I appreciate that from you sir. I would say the same to you. You present a solid presence.

      I will go ahead and add you to the list, and that reminds me to check about the others here and if any are not currently on it.

      The Wake Up Cloud is bringing the thunder.

    1. Hi Tess.

      Thank you on that. When I saw The Bold Life the first time, I sure thought it was cool because that reminded me of my 100 Ways To Show Boldness article, and I thought it was neat that there was a site talking about acting based on being bold.

      I celebrate every day~

  7. Armen,

    Well done on reaching 200. I’m new to your blog but I’m pleased I’ve eventually arrived and look forward to reading much more from you.

    This post is a great advert for your openess and willingness to give.

    Thanks for the mention on your ‘site’ page.
    .-= Paul´s last blog ..Forgiveness =-.

    1. Hi Paul.

      Thanks about the 200. Glad to have you as a reader here.

      Openness sure is something I look to be representing in some ways, as it is much more beneficial than being closed off, in most cases.

      Glad to have you on the sites page. What a page huh.

    1. Hi Vincent.

      I appreciate that. There sure might be more to come from me. I used “might” for entertainment purposes there.

      Same to you with HMS sir.

  8. Hey Armen,
    First of all congratulations on you 200th post! I have been reading up on your timeless posts, and have found inspiration in them and wish you continued success with your inspiring blog. Thank you for the mention on this blog, it really is an honor.
    Much success your way!

    With Gratitude,

    1. Hi to you Baker.

      Thanks about the 200th posting. Glad to have you as a reader with that chef’s hat all up in this place. Your kind words are like a freshly-baked cookie, as they are a treat. It sounds funnier if I say “freshly-cooked cookie”. I can come up with material like that on the spot.

      There’s only one place to go for that Sauteed Success recipe, and that is Baker’s site Beyond Success.

  9. Hey Armen!

    As expected, I was left off your regular commenter list.

    No surprise since I’ve seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth over the past 5 or so weeks. I’ve had a ridiculous number of commitments, but then again, I know people are sick of hearing my excuses.

    I put my health above my blog – that’s why I’m not consistently up until 2 in the morning doing blog work. It’s not worth it, no matter what anyone says – how I feel on a day-to-day basis is more important to me than any blog.

    I missed you though, man! Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to be as active as I once was. Can’t wait for when that time comes!

    I promise you, though – there WILL be a resurgence.
    .-= Brett – DareToExpress.com´s last blog ..The Triumphant Return – Lessons Learned and DareToExpress 2.0 =-.

    1. Hi Brett.

      Good to hear from you. I sure did base most of the commentator’s material on the last month or so of articles.

      That’s a smart move to put your health first big guy. Health runs the show, and when it isn’t in place, everything else is not so relevant.

      A person who sets their own priorities always has the advantage over a person who lets their priorities be set by others or some type of pressure.

      Shout outs to DtE. I look forward your continuity.

  10. Armen, congratulations on this milestone! 200 is a lot of writing, I remember mine. So, you’ve done a fine job of collecting some incredible resources here and I just want to thank you for all you do in linking out to others and in introducing us to others you have already connected with and enjoy their work as well. Always much to learn from you and I thank you for that!
    .-= Mike King´s last blog ..Book Review: 42 Rules of Employee Engagement =-.

    1. Hi Mike.

      Thanks there. It sure is a sizeable amount, now that you mention it. I like connecting folks when I can. The kind words are appreciated, and I shall do more connecting as is desired.

      Speaking of cool material, Learn This has got it. From book reviews to full-featured articles, you others might want to check it out.

  11. Hey Armen. Good job!! 200th post and our blog keeps growing!! Cheers man! 😀 Thanks for mentioning my blog and what I do! I sure hope you will continue becoming passionate at inspiring other people with your posts here!

    Keep inspiring. Keep pursuing your passion! Be timeless! 😀
    .-= Mighty´s last blog ..How to Do a Personal Inventory =-.

    1. Hi Mighty.

      Thank you. Glad to mention the powerful rasing of yours. Inspiration sure is a part of the material here, although I don’t have it as a category. I think it is inter-weaved through the material though, like a cotton fiber.

      Some say it is tough being timeless all the time, but it only requires not wearing a watch.

      1. “it is tough being timeless all the time, but it only requires not wearing a watch.”

        I like that line!! 😀 I haven’t been wearing a watch for more than 2 years now. It’s probably because I’m timeless. LOL!

        1. That’s how I do it Mighty. Some of my best lines are the ones I used to write and then erase. You just might be timeless due to that not wearing a watch.

  12. Hey Armen – I just wanted to share my congratulations on your success! And for providing such an extensive list of sites and people to start following (or keep on following in many cases). If they’re your followers, then I’m certain they are people I would be interested in following as well.

    Now I’ve only been around for your last 20 or so posts but after reading each one I am even happier to have come across your site, so with that said, I look forward to the hundreds more to come!
    .-= Earl´s last blog ..Unexpected Encounters With Intriguing People =-.

    1. Congrats on the milestone Armen! Though I’ve just recently started visiting your website, I’ve definitely found some useful information on here. I hope to enjoy more of your posts in the future. I probably won’t comment too much, but I’ll certainly be reading!

      Take it easy,

    2. Hi Earl.

      Thanks there. That site list is super duper, in my view. Also, it is cool because it takes you directly to associated Twitter pages to check on recent updates.

      Cool deal about being on board for that package of posts. Using my calculator program, it turns out that that is 10% of the total posts here, which is pretty cool to think about.

      I’ve been glad to communicate with you, and look forward to more, as you wander this planet that we are located on.

    3. Hi to you Kaspar.

      Thanks for that big guy. Knowing you are reading the material is a cool feature. Glad to hear there was something of relevance for you in this establishment.

      That is okay about your non-commenting likelihood, as it is all up to you in that regard. If there isn’t a desire for commenting, I don’t want it to occur~.

      Kaspar for the win.

    1. Hi Jonny.

      Thanks there. On a related note, I was quite glad to be part of your Success Ebook. Great collaborative compilation.

    1. Hi Miche.

      Thanks for that. I absorb your compliment with serenity and calmness.

      Joking around there. Glad to hear from you.

  13. Armen, on your 200th post, congratulations, or as they say here in Japan, ohmehdehtoh. Thanks for the inspiration and all your mentions – lots of wonderful sites and bloggers. May you continue to mark the stepping stones you hope for on your blogging journey. And thank you for all the personal development insights you share. I will be visiting often from the foot of Mount Fuji – Catrien Ross.
    .-= Catrien Ross´s last blog ..Catrien Ross on Blowing Out Your Negativity in A Puff of Positive Intention to Shift Your Energy =-.

    1. Hi Catrien.

      Thanks in English. Also, ありがとう. I might have used a super translator there. I like some online services.

      I appreciate the kind words there. I love that ending part about Mount Fuji. I communicate from the troposphere in California.

    1. Hi Bud.

      Thanks there big guy. That sure is pretty crazy huh. It wouldn’t make full sense to me except for how I wrote 67 posts in 67 days at one point where I was posting a post per day.

      I appreciate the support and kind words. I would say that a boundless Bud will also go far.

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