A 5 Minute Post

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Hi folks. I’m good at things when I limit the time I have for them.  I have allotted 5 minutes for this post.  What will it be about?  I will decide quickly.  It will be about taking things slowly and preparing.

As you go through your day, you can go through it in a bumbling rush or in a smooth and slow fashion.  The smooth and slow fashion requires preparation and focus, but everyone will notice that you are controlling the world instead of letting the world control you.  You can’t go through the day in a calm and smooth fashion unless your mind is constantly on what you need to be doing, or else you are just delaying and not doing things in a smooth and slow fashion.

You know those people in expensive cars driving the speed limit on the freeway?  They are having a relaxed time because their days go by smoothly and decisively.  When you do that, you can afford to do things slowly while someone who is confused in their life has to drive by that person going 75 miles per hour.

If you want to have a day like the cool person’s day, you have to prepare the night before.  Then, you have to get up on time and get started.  You have to eat enough and stay on task.  Then, you have to not be afraid of messing up.  These are all needed to have a smooth day.  Weak people can’t have a smooth day.

Okay, my 5 minutes for this post is up.  I will now include some links to some articles from others.

Farnoosh’s latest post is episode #16 of her Daily Interaction podcast series, and it is about opening conversations with style.  This is important to work on because your early impression reflects how the whole conversation will go.

Gail tells us why we need to be great students.  You have to stay a student in this competitive world.  When you stop, opportunities fly out the door.

Celes recently changed the site over to the new name of Personal Excellence.  This is a solid switch and better encompasses her message, so that is nifty.

Mike posted a bunch of ways to be realistic.  When you are realistic, you get results, and when you are idealistic, you get nothing.  One of his tips is to ask more questions and I agree completely.  People have the answers you need so you have to get them out of them.

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