An Interview With Celestine Chua

celestine-chuaIt takes an individual full of strength and passion to pursue their desire.  Celestine Chua from Personal Excellence is a person who has made the decision to follow her goal of spreading her message of being your best self and living your best life, through articles, public speaking, life coaching, and setting an example for others to aspire to.  A running theme that is present in the articles on her site is that you as an individual can adjust your life situation so that you are more excited about what you end up doing, and can more smoothly attain a position you are satisfied with.

What Celestine also brings to each activity she performs is a palpable energy and positive attitude that lights up what would have otherwise been a routine day, and these transfer onto those lucky individuals who are in her presence.  One of her most viewed articles, about the concept of sleepwalking, or living a very passive and subdued life, hits on an important point that a large portion of society would do well to analyze.  There is no reason to leave room for future regret when individuals like Celestine are providing ways out of a passive daily structure.  The following is an interview I have done with Celestine regarding some specific questions I had for her about her message and efforts:

Armen: What do you feel is the difference in impact you have on your audience when you are giving a speech, as opposed to with written words in an article?

Celestine: Hey Armen! Thanks a lot for giving me the honor to do the interview. I think this is a very interesting question – I always feel that with each of the mediums I reach out to people (be it writing, 1-1 coaching or giving speeches), there is always a difference in the impact that is received. In a speech, my audience gets to see me in action, hear my voice, and experience face-to-face contact. In my blog articles, the audience only gets exposed to me in writing – they don’t hear my voice or see me. I believe the additional contact that speaking gives allows a higher level of emotional connection, allows the message to be conveyed more strongly, and as a result, brings the impact to a higher level. Not only that, if the audience were to have any questions mid-way, they can always get it clarified on the spot. However, many readers have told me that my articles have life-changing effects on them which is really great, so there’s always a way to deliver that impact even through words alone.

Armen: You have an article about 17 tips for being on time.  How large of an effect would you say it has when you show up to someones event late?

Celestine: My very reason for writing the article was precisely because I had issues with being late! Having written that article allowed me to come into completion with the issue, I believe. Having applied the tips to myself, I start being able to turn up on time – and it’s an amazing feeling. The article has also gained some popularity among my readers, since not being on time is probably one of the key issues many people deal with too.

Armen: Do you feel that anyone can succeed in their initial desire or passion, or that some would need to alter the presentation or medium of release of their passion before it would be a viable path to pursue?

Celestine: Ultimately, no matter what the end goal people have of their passions, it is achievable. However, in the process of building the path from where they are now to that end goal, they will need to be creative – for example, use different types of mediums to express the message of their passions. Many people get overly attached to the medium their passion is expressed through, rather than the message. A passion consists of two components, medium and message, and what we need to do is attach ourselves to the message. For example, the message of my passion is to achieve my highest potential and help others do the same. The mediums I use to do this include blogging, speaking and coaching. At any point in time, I’m attached to that message, but not that particular medium – I’m okay if one day I don’t speak, or if I stop blogging, because then there will be other mediums I can use to deliver the message. It is through connection with the real message that we start being receptive to all different mediums we can use to reach our passion. I’m currently writing about this in my upcoming ebook on Pursuing Your Passions, which I will be launching in July.

Armen: How do you feel about the media coverage you have received thus far, in relation to how you have been presented to the public, and the results of said media coverage?

Celestine: This is a very interesting question Armen. I’m really thankful to all the media coverage I have received, as well as the new ones that are coming in at the moment. Overall, the journalists have really written about my story in a great light. Most of the coverages so far have been about my passion towards pursuing my passion which is personal development, and my advocation towards helping others live to their fullest potential. I would say the media has portrayed me quite true to who I am. The public response has been overwhelming! I get a lot of feedback from readers on how my story inspired them – some even went on to quit their passionless jobs afterwards! On another note, being featured in press definitely adds credibility and credentials to what I’m doing, so it definitely facilitates me in achieving my vision. Not only that, it has exposed what I’m doing to a new group of people, so I’ve gained numerous new readers and coaching clients from the features, which is really excellent.

Armen: How do you remind yourself of goals you want to maintain, and what types of foundation are set in place to keep those goals in your focal range?

room2Celestine: I believe a lot in environmental reinforcement to support us in our goal pursuits, so I have my goals constantly in visual focus in my room ( I have a big noticeboard in front of my work desk which has all my long-term goals (to set up a personal development school, achieve 100,000 visitors/day on, earn $10,000/month, etc) and affirmations. I have a whiteboard on another site of my room which has a checklist for my progress on daily goals, such as exercising, meditation, article writing, etc. I have a vision board which is a visual representation of the goals I want to achieve. Not only that, I also have a life handbook ( which has my full list of long-term and short-term goals. I’m constantly in contact with my life handbook every day as I write and update new things. So in that regard, you can say my goals are pretty much integrated into my life!

Concluding Notes

I want to thank Celestine for doing the interview, as I gain understanding from her responses just like you do.  As she pointed out, her eBook “Pursuing Your Passions” is planned to be launched in July.  Also, she regularly updates on her Twitter account @celestinechua.  Here I have made a list of some of the key points to take away from this interview:

  • You may be able to make a larger impact through a different medium
  • Discussing a problem and opening it up to your thoughts can get it resolved
  • Focus on the message of your efforts, as it is more of a long-term entity than a short-term way to communicate the point
  • Others often support you when you provide them with something to support
  • Presenting your own goals to yourself in a physically visible way is more effective than just having them in your thoughts

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  1. Hey Armen, first off I need to say congratulations on your inaugural interview post. I really enjoyed reading it and learned several interesting facts about Celestine. In particular I am glad to hear about someone that gleefully spreads positivity while still remaining pragmatic and grounded in her message to others. As always, your post along with your question were succinct and poignant, also the concluding analysis was a great touch. I look forward to more!

  2. Hey Armen! Again, thank you so much for the honor for the interview. We’ve known each other for about 7-months now and I’m thankful our paths got to cross. Your sincerity really comes through in your words and your actions. I will be giving this interview a plug in my next article (on 27th June).

  3. Nick: Thanks for that. A big point of what you said there is the part about remaining grounded, as rising up in stature tends to affect the message of those who are not set on a solid foundation for their goals, so to see someone not waver represents a lot of effort behind it. The concluding portion also helped me to parse through for take-away concepts. Your support is appreciated.

    Celes: It is a pleasure. I look forward to your article.

  4. I enjoyed the interview! I usually communicate in a “kick ass, fight for justice, and crush all enemies” mode, but, for better or for worse, this site makes we want to talk in a “riding unicorns on rainbows” mode. So here goes…

    Armen, I liked the images, and the concluding notes were a nice addition that you don’t see very often outside of university textbooks (but should). Nicely done.

    Celes, I found your site through Armen a couple of months ago and I was immediately impressed by your energy, thoughtfulness, and good will. And I think your positive, can-do attitude shines like a waterfall on a summer afternoon in this interview. Nice!

    It is good to see the two of you team up. It was something that I imagined happening months ago when Armen first told me of Celes and her site and commented on what a bold and amazing person she was.

    Now my little “wouldn’t it be cool if those two teamed up…” vision has become a reality. Sweet! Overall, just good to see. 🙂

  5. Karl – Thanks a lot for your sweet comment! Hey hey, I’m all for communicating in a can-do, go-getter, kick-ass and total pwnage mode, so I don’t see why you should hold back at all just because you’re here! I’m sure Armen doesn’t mind at all totally 😉

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