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How do you compete with Problogger and other big sites?  You don’t.  It’s like competing with Coca-Cola.  Problogger isn’t going to stop posting either.  Seth Godin posts every day.  These big folks are in a golden position in this continuing internet day and age.  The same is true with big folks on YouTube like EpicMealTime or Ray William Johnson or on Twitter like Lady Gaga or Britney Spears.  These well-known folks are nearly impossible to replace or take over, because those who do something first have a lot of support for their continuity.

Aside from that, one of the hardest things to do in life is maintain focus.  The few that do become winners, and the rest of the people sit on the sidelines wondering what happened. Focus is a skill that can be built.

Another thing to mention is that this site doesn’t grow, not because of content or what I say or what I represent to you.  I just don’t post consistently enough with a common theme.  That is why.  Consistency = growth and I don’t bring it much here.

I got this book by Richard Branson recently, so I may review it in the coming week.  I have started reading again.

Here I rap I did for this post:


Talk to you.

7 thoughts on “Another Irrelevant Title”

  1. Well, it’s really hard to think of contents when you want to start writing. So you better write a more informative, useful and exciting blogs to create a traffic. Competition in this line of work is so stiff, so if you cannot step on in the market, you loose.

  2. Great post, blogging is getting harder and harder unless you have a theme, topic that has enough passionates there. But still i believe not every one online reads problogger or other technological blogs. Thanks god, otherwise internet will be one-sided. It is good for knowledge that many other bloggers, be they famous or not-so-famous, still exist and this helps for the online information eco-system. The focus aspect is important, and the focus of the blogger at the end becomes the focus of the reader also.

  3. Thanks for the sharing, what a best post, blogging is getting harder and harder unless you have a theme, topic that has enough passionates there Keep up good work, i like it very much.

  4. I agree with your thoughts; blogging is really getting hard, especially if you are running out of ideas. The best thing to do is to regroup, read a lot and relax. This will make your mind work in coming up with something to write about.

  5. Great post! i really enjoy reading it. For me blogging is getting harder because of competition. But if your focus on what your doing it’s easy to write a blog with a good content. In this kind of business you must be more passionate and hardworking to survive. Thanks for sharing.

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