Do More Thinking

Tomorrow is Monday. Why is it Monday? We as people have decided to call it that as part of our organized week. We like to organize things. Does the Earth care about our Monday or Thursday? The Earth doesn’t even think. It just keeps spinning like a car rim or a marble rolling on the ground. Marbles are cool.

Next time you are doing something or thinking of something, question the details of it. We get so caught up in how the world is described to us that we lose sense of how we would see things if we didn’t have some description provided. Getting all the answers is good, but it also removes our own thinking and unadulterated perception.

When you go through the day, ask more questions. Why am I doing this? Why is this thing here? Why do I want to do this? What is the purpose of this item? What is the reason that person responded to me that way? Why am I attracted to X and repelled by Y or Z? What is it about a food that I like? What does it mean to like? Questioning in this way will give you some understanding you didn’t have before.

2 thoughts on “Do More Thinking”

  1. Hey Armen,

    I came to your blog today hoping it would point me in some direction or give me some inspiration. As of late, I’ve been stumped by the question, “What’s next?” Though there are plenty of other articles for me to browse on here… I’ve noticed you’re not writing too frequently. keep it up man =] always a good place to find some food for thought

    Gaurang Patel

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