Five Astonishing Ways To Hustle Harder Than GOD

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“Procrastination is the thief of time”- Edward Young

1. Start Now

Since procrastination is the thief of time, You CAN’T wait until tomorrow, If you want to build an empire. You have to START NOW. Yesterday is for those who are stuck in FEAR. Today is for the risk takers and those who aren’t scared to make things happen. Yesterday dwellers are those Who will never be on the FORBES magazine cover.

“Vision is very important” Jay-z

2. Vision

What is vision? Okay, let me keep this quick like sand.  Seeing is believing. If you see something in your mind enough times YOU will believe it. With BELIEF comes Success in any idea you’ve formulated. The cliché is seeing is Believing, this is true. What we envision over and over again will happen whether good or bad.  Envision what you want to happen and let it happen.

“Your work ethic has to be to the ceiling. You’re gonna get out of this what you’re putting into it.” Birdman

3. Work

You will only reap what you have Sow. can’t expect a garden by planting only a few SEEDS!



“Listen Dave, where gonna put the money in the bag, stuff the rest of franklins in the safe so the cops can’t FIND it!”

Matthew slaps Dave in the face.

You listening!?!?

“Oh course I’m listening,! What the buck you think I’m doing here. Fiddling with my fingers! This is REAL LIFE, I AINT PLAYING NO GAMES!” Dave’s voice rose higher than marijuana smoke brain activity. He huffed, puffed and settled into a calming state of mind.

Matthew and Dave were both bent down. Knee high, waist low, like paying respects to a tombstone. Between them was 18 million dollars. Money covered the cabin like plywood. Faces of dead presidents never looked so good from this angle. Money so crispy it looked like a bucket of fried chicken. It was pilled so high Matthew had a problem seeing Dave from this angle.  The bills rubbed between their finger tips and spilled from three duffle bags the size of a king size bed. It was folded and weighted the same as gold bricks.  They kept counting until, they couldn’t count any more. They flopped down in exhaustion; television kept on mute but flashed in continuous updates. Six hour prior to this celebration, they entered the bank in black masks with semi automatic weapons.

They timed it for 3 minutes. One minute to unlock the safe, another to collect the dough and the last one was the window of opportunity to exit.

“Everybody get the BUCK down!” Matthew yelled.

Greg countered with a comment right after he Bruce Lee kicked the security guard, then Jackie Chan punch an old lady by accident. He ran behind the marble counter before the silent alarm could be played like a violin. The employee’s all panicked like an earthquake. They were dressed in their Sunday best. The men wore suits of depression and I hate my 9-5 t-shirts. The women wore skirts that showed more than necessary and enough cleavage to convince any lonely men to take a 98% interest rate bank loan.

Matthew tossed Gregg all three duffle bags while he broke the safe off the lock. Three years at engineering school, seemed to pay off.

“40 seconds!”  Matthew yells and the crowds of faces scrunch. Greg starts to pile up the bills like Mexican piles up lumber in the back of a Tahoe, very fast. He zips up the bags and almost trips over his own excitement.

Matthew and Greg had been hustling for such a long time and they finally found a way out of the life, a way out of their 9-5 jobs, baby mama drama, lack of designer wear, and overall brokenness. With nine million dollars apiece, they headed separate ways like the four black chicks in the movie Set It Off and used the money to create a new lifestyle.

Matthew and Greg wake up from their naps during Class. Their professor raises her voice, “Matthew, since you like sleeping so much, why don’t you tell me what is the square root of an F on your report card?” Greg nudges him and says, “Don’t answer”, he pauses before continuing, “That’s a trick question.” The class laughs, the teacher laughs and Matthew and Greg continue to Dream Big Dreams of one day getting out of the ghetto and making it… (Author’s interjection- the Legal way of course 😉

Hustling Cont..

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” -Tupac

4. Dream

Winners dream. Are you a winner?

“I never allowed my fear to limit me.”- 50 Cent

5 .  Fear

If you’re scared, that’s good because now you know what to do and where to go. If fear tell you to go somewhere, go the opposite. Embrace life and reject fear. You can only grow through fear conquering.

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Whats Your Hustle?


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  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Good stuff, you certainly covered the basis for living a full and significant life. I have connected with many of these in my life, such as taking action and facing fear head on. When we face our fears and don’t let them keep us stagnant we will so many more options for life. This is where we get to dream bigger and start making our inspiring vision a reality! We just have to keep ticking away as move closer and closer to our dreams!

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