Getting Frustrated Is A Sign You Are Doing Good

It is important to get frustrated.  It means you still want something.  If you aren’t getting frustrated or energized by the mistakes you are making, you are on the wrong track.  If you are getting frustrated by them, you will soon clear up whatever it was that caused the confusion or error.  You might want to smile each time you feel frustrated because it means you haven’t given up.

Where You Are Versus Where You Want To Be

You tend to have an idea of what you want to do later on in your life.  This can create some incongruity in your mind between what you are currently doing and what you would like to be doing.  This is healthy and motivational.  At the same time, your level of current frustration is a good indicator of how far you will go.  If you are a budding entrepreneur that is currently held back in a way or two, or surrounded by folks that don’t understand your business plans, you may exhibit a high level of frustration.  This is fine, and you need to look at that as your greatest asset.

Examples Of This Phenomenon

Imagine a young Bill Gates or Donald Trump before they became established as a presence.  There was certainly frustration in their minds until the position they were in was the position they felt they were able to maintain.  I can see a young aspiring individual telling themselves “I can’t wait until…” because of their frustration with not being at the point they envision themselves in.  A young musician who sees himself adeptly playing guitar as part of a successful band will be disappointed with the unskilled members of his bands until he finally teams up with people at his level, which is when any fleeting past disappointment will become irrelevant and the aspiration will have been achieved.

Know That Disappointment Is A Signal Of Your Aspiration

When you hear yourself directly or indirectly complaining to others about wanting to do more, not less, although complaining is rarely useful, give yourself a pat on the back, because your frustration comes from wanting to rise.  The same people who I see angry about something that most others ignore are the same ones that rise in whatever field they were angry or frustrated about.  The person disappointed with a B+ in their class of interest is the same person that sees themselves mastering the material for future usage.  Where there is frustration is something of value.

You Are Most Troubled Right Before You Bring About Positive Change

It is also the tipping point.  The moment you beat yourself up over something is usually a moment or two before you find a way to fix it or learn how to overcome it.  Your anger or disappointment is a sign that you are not one of the folks that is able to be labeled a “quitter”.  A person who quits an activity out of wanting to reduce frustration may succeed in doing so, but also forfeits any of the larger gains that would show up from crossing the barrier of entry.  Before quitting something, it is good to recall that frustration is temporary but canceling a pursuit is usually not.

Are You Frustrated Enough?

On the other side of this issue is the question “Are you frustrated enough?”.  If you think you fit in this category, start going back to doing whatever it is that makes you feel a bit behind or needing to put in effort to catch up.  If it is a painful activity for you to return to, remember that you should not run from the pain, but go towards it.  These items like frustration, anger, pain, and related feelings of inferiority or disappointment are where your true nature comes out in an uninhibited fashion to conquer them.  There is no need to hold back your mind’s energy until some surprise future event brings your excitement back.  You can get your energy back without that.

10 thoughts on “Getting Frustrated Is A Sign You Are Doing Good”

  1. What you have written here is quite unconventional for me. But you have made your point by elaborating it. I feel frustrated these past days because some things did not work the way I want. However, reading above, I felt much better. 🙂

    1. Dani: Thanks for that. I did like that part as well because it is a positive reminder for those that might be about to quit. Due to exponential gains, a little bit more near the end of the process might be worth many times more than a little bit at the beginning. Good to hear from you.

      Walter: Hey there. I am glad it came out as unconventional. I hadn’t had my article called as such before, and so it is a nice description to hear. I think it is unconventional because most take frustration as a sign of a problem. It is cool to hear that it did provide help. Thanks for your response.

  2. You reminded me beeing a child and starting a new sport for the first time. You can easily imagine the frustration of a 7 yo trying to be very good at soccer without any practice. Latter I understood that those moments is when I “learned the most in the shortest amount of time”. I even found some studies, frustrated and depressed people take smarter decisions in life matters when compared with happy people.
    Now, I’m all about being confident, but I’m ok with my frustrations. I identify and use them for the best.

    1. Doru: That’s a cool example. Those sure are the quick learning moments. We are frustrated for a very short period in comparison to the period where we use what we learned during that time. The amount of time we are frustrated is almost negligible.

      That is a good point about frustrated people making better decisions, because they are more focused on them. Thanks for the example and thoughts.

  3. Frustration leads to inspiration is the truth. When you feel that your frustration leading you along the lines of insanity, your on the right path. People say developing a positive attitude is the pre-requisite for success. This is something i believe to be true. But frustration is a process of success also. We all tend to get frustrated from time to time. Especially if your goal is to hit millions by 21! Or be a billionaire by 25. Those are high goals, that not many people can handle. Use that frustration as energy to work harder, longer and do it better than it has ever been done before.

    Great post !

    1. Jonathan: That is interesting about taking it up a notch to insanity level. You are probably right about that. The further you are from constraints, the further you can go on your own. The anger helps push a successful person along. Those goals you presented there sure are large. Frustration is a key element that takes those from where they are to where they feel they should be. Thanks for that message.

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