How To Deal With A Good Friend Moving Away

Sometimes, things don’t happen as you want them to happen.  An example of this would be a good friend of yours moving to a different state or country.  When this takes place, it can be tough to think about times without that friend around.  This article is about dealing with this substantial personal change.

Change Is Part Of Life

I had to start by addressing this point.  Were it not for change, we would have no reason to adapt or improve, and there would be no progression in our existence, leaving it boring and worthless.  It is change that compels us.

Your Friend Is Not Really Gone

One of the most relevant points of having a close friend is that you can connect with them personally, and this doesn’t go away when they move.  You can still phone/Skype/chat with them about your thoughts, even when they are far away.  Sometimes it can add perspective to see how your friend fares in a new environment.  Here are 5 Tips On How To Deal With A Friend Moving Away, including the important point of keeping in touch.

On The Other Hand

The truth of it is that we have very few people we closely connect with.  Having one of these people no longer within a reasonable range to hang out with is something that is a struggle to go through.  Whereas you were once able to join them in jogging on a trail, making a lasagna, watching a movie, attending an event, committing crimes, etc., these possibilities are no longer there when they are gone.  It is only time that allows us to adapt to this undesirable change in our routine.  The first week of a friend moving away can be fine, but it is soon after that you realize that you are thinking about hanging out with them, and it can’t be.

Handling The Switch

To handle the change, you want to focus elsewhere.  It is through your family and friends that you can be limited in sadness related to your good friend’s departure.  They are there for you at this time.  Also, it is good to stay active and full of movement so you don’t over-think your loss.  There is usually a bright day after a rough patch.  As someone said about this topic in an internet response, “Nothing will replace your together time but you won’t be completely cut off.”


You can handle this large personal change.

6 thoughts on “How To Deal With A Good Friend Moving Away”

  1. Well the title of this post make me sad… I’ve lost my best friend this summer. He was only 25 and it was horrible. I wish that nobody experienced such a loss!

    1. Hey Roman.

      My goal was not to make you sad, but I hear you. That is pretty bad and it would make me sad too.

      We only have a few people we are really close with, and losing one of them is tough.

  2. Deep friendship fills needs within us. Such a friend is part of the silent inner conversation of sharing, of fun and support. I can’t wait to tell… is the saying. such deep feelings are biochemical. Wrenching this away all of these things and leaves a biochemical void; a lacking which once again beeds to be filled or may be filled with the opposite chemistry.

  3. Through out the journey of life, I’ve experience this multiple times, some friends come and goes in our life. Friendship is something really valuable in life that makes our life much more fun and interesting, instead of a boring one.

    Appreciate every person that walks in my life journey. 🙂

  4. I’ve lost couple of “best” friends, it was hard, but still carrying on. Maybe our ways’ll meet together, good article though.

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