How I Stay Energetic And Healthy

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I have more energy than 90% of people. This is because of my regular exercise and activity, foods that I eat, and mindset that I have.

Maybe by sharing what I do, it can help you.

First off, I will discuss the regular exercise I do.  I play basketball often, usually two times a week, and for 2-3 hours each time.  I probably burn 1500 calories during those times.  When you are burning calories like that, you end up not caring about saving 50 or 100 calories here or there.  Always think big picture is my first tip.

As well, I sometimes do sets of pushups, or run around and stretch, or something else that uses some solid energy.  I haven’t had a downtime of regular exercise in many years.

On to the second concept, which is the foods I eat.  I don’t eat or drink stupid foods. I drink water and eat actual foods that have nutritional value.  I eat fruits or bread and sandwiches and salads.  I cook stuff or eat spaghetti.  I don’t drink soda or alcohol or eat foods with partially hydrogenated oils or things of this nature.  I eat ice cream and muffins and other good stuff, but for example, the ice cream would be one that just has milk, cream, eggs, and sugar as its ingredients, and nothing more.  You have to look at ingredients of foods.

The third part is your mindset.  You have to have a determined mindset to stay high energy.  If you lose your determination or motivation, your body will soon follow.  A solid metabolism only exists in a person who is active in habits and in thoughts.

This post wasn’t to brag that I’m super duper, but just to share how I keep up my energy that many have mentioned they have noticed.

I wrote this post in about 8 minutes because I had the interest in doing it.  That is how you should do things in life.  You either do them fast or not at all.  You may notice that sometimes you leave something 10% done, and then you don’t want to return to it for days or weeks or months.  Gotta attack it right from the get-go and finish at the same time if possible.

Thanks for reading folks.

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4 thoughts on “How I Stay Energetic And Healthy”

  1. I find that when I write blog posts in less than 15 minutes I am in a rush and not living a conscious life. I hope that in all of this there is time to slow down, otherwise your missing the point.


  2. @ Brian:

    As long as you’re fully aware and 100% involved in those 15 or 8 minutes, that’s what really counts. I know what you mean in slowing down though. I’ve found balance in being mindful, albeit within a very fast paced lifestyle.

    Rushed and moving fast can be separate of one another, so long as you’re mindful.

  3. You both have a valid point there. I can see how a post done quickly can seem rushed, and also I agree with Dan that I am focused in those short minutes when I write a quick post, and it is often more direct than a longer post I might do.

    Shout outs to Dan and Brian for some feedback.

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