Let The Positives Guide You

If you focus on the negatives of any venture or risk you have in mind, you won’t take a step forward on them.  Enthusiasm and action comes from a focus on positives, and rarely, if ever, comes from an avoidance of negatives.  The chance of being able to repair a certain type of liver ailment and be known as a medical pioneer is the kind of positive that a doctor can work with.  On the other hand, an employee who stays in the office for 15 more minutes mostly to not get fired for leaving early has about as much enthusiasm as a pencil for those 15 minutes.

Accounting Example

Let’s say you want to become an accountant, or if are already an accountant, want to set up a partnership with another set of accountants or close a deal with a big client.  Regardless of which stage you are at, the positives are the only aspect which will propel you forward.  These include having a stable job that you are interested in, moving to a more domineering framework with other accountants, and getting a large profit from that client.  Focusing on these is the modus operandi to have.

If, instead, your focus is on the struggles of accountants, or the effects of the economy on potential customers, or that others won’t want to partner up with you because you aren’t professional enough, or that the big client might resist your efforts and find a new accountant, you won’t be propelled to make any headway.  Negatives don’t charge up our mind.  Positives give us the feeling that we can conquer a new frontier.

Look At Your Past Achievement

Take a look at what has gotten you to carry out some of the biggest feats of your past.  There may even be some that you don’t think you could repeat now, but at that time, you had the will to study that hard or work that hard or stand strong against people or make a real change in your habits because you had the prize in your sights.  I know that I have persevered when I had a visual concept of what the result would look and feel like.  You can make almost anything look appealing by focusing on the positives or unappealing by focusing on the negatives.  You might as well use this information to your advantage for some goal you have.

Where You Focus Gets Larger

A point about this is that when you focus on the positives, the negatives become smaller, or someone else helps with them, or some of them go away, or they become more manageable, or so on.  The big bad scary negatives of any endeavor lose their anguish-causing battery power when you look beyond them.  In this way, your thoughts are like a magnifying glass that makes whatever they are about more prominent.

If you get a thought to run a marathon, think about the health benefits and impressive results.  Don’t think, or yet, over-think, about the pain during the gradually longer and longer preparation runs, or having to get up early for them, or about getting a poor time.  If you get a thought to sign up for a dance class, think about how you will gain a skill you can use all the time, and how you will be more confident and willing to take part in future events containing dance.  These positives will get you to sign up and show up, and after that, the process is well within your reach.

8 thoughts on “Let The Positives Guide You”

  1. Armen,

    This is always good idea to focus on positives to improve more while still eye on negatives to improve upon them. As long as we do not let negatives bring us down.

    I like you 3 steps to follow it to achieve positives well, such as looking as past achievement, that sure brings more self confidence as well.

    1. Hi Preeti.

      I sure do provide steps. I always like to add in steps or at least some actionable material to work off of.

      When I see negatives, I look at them as the consequence of not staring at the positives enough. I also see them as the results of errors.

      Obama had to have a long viewpoint of the presidency as a future positive long before he got near it, in order to build up for it and to maintain his reputation.

  2. Hi Armen,

    Yes indeed, it is a great idea to look at past achievements to guide us. There is always plenty of evidence to prove that we are marvelously made. When we assign the mind the job of finding positive references that validate our point of view, it will work fiercely to prove it is true.

    1. Hi Rob.

      Some might want us to forget times we were superstars, but those times represent us at our peak, and we can reach that peak again.

      I like you point out that the mind will use its efforts to find evidence of our positive framework. The mind sure does work hard to clear up any glitches or lack we have in our thinking, so we might as well use it to prove we are on the up-slope.

  3. Good stuff but we can not look only at the positive. We must also look at the things that will stand in our way of achieving our goals in order to plan on how to get around them. The negatives of a situation are just an obstacle to be overcome and to do that they deserve a bit of attention. When ideal thoughts of a project, goal or endeavor come to mined then we must keep them positive. during planing remember why we are doing this, remember what we want and know how to overcome the hurdles.

    1. Hi Quinn.

      There sure are obstacles to keep an eye on. I wouldn’t say that we should think much about them when looking to get motivated, but ignoring the tire in the middle of the road certainly won’t do well to help us. Continuing with this driving example, we can look ahead on the road to our destination, and routinely check the road in front of us for debris to be safe. In the same way, a businessperson looking to close a deal should focus on the successful deal being made, while routinely checking on the details of the contract to make sure they are the total package.

  4. Armen:
    So true. I am such an advocate of looking at things from the right perspective. I really agree with what you said about not allowing things to become more negative in your mind than they should be because you have built them up to be something they really aren’t. I also appreciated what you said about focusing on the positives and the negatives become smaller. Great points and great insights. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sibyl.

      This is true. I look on the ground and if I see a negative, I look past it and see a penny. I might even step on the negative on my way to pick up the penny to flip it for fun.

      When I focus on the penny, I might not even see the negative as I step over it.

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