Part Of The Problem Is The Audience Here

Hey folks.  I thought I’d point out one of the problems on this site.

Often times I am writing to help you readers solve one problem or another.  However, instead of having many readers with the various problems I mention, it is the case that many of you are either writers with sites of your own, or people who don’t have or cause such problems.  It’s sort of like teaching 6th graders 4th grade material, or teaching someone in accounting class about welding.

You can choose what you write about, but you can’t choose your audience.  If I encounter some dummy on the freeway who drives in a childish fashion, and then I write about the experience here, he/she doesn’t get the message, and instead you folks hear about it.

This is what happens all over the internet.  The audience is the wrong people, so you hear a lot of “that’s such a great idea”.  You have people who quit their job getting acceptance from other people who quit their job, or people who have a certain hobby getting a bunch of encouragement from people taking up the same hobby.

Look at articles on so many sites, tech sites, recipe sites, political sites, or wherever, and you see waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much agreeing.  I don’t see this much agreeing in day-to-day life, but on the internet, there is a bunch of fake support.  This is why people rank face-to-face interaction above internet communication.  People who hide behind their computer and use it to make weaker conversation devalue it for the people who use internet communication just like real-life communication.

There are some serious disconnects between real life and internet discussion.  Internet discussion always seems lively and upbeat, like a party, but if you see the people posting, they are just sitting in their room, avoiding their neighbors, and the difference is hilarious.  Some people want a homogeneous audience that always says “yes” and “you’re so great”, but I sure don’t.

Here is the good news.  For those of you that remain a challenge, online and offline, and who don’t just become people who agree and say ‘yes’ all the time, you are doing great for society, and everyone looks forward to your presence, because it means that the boredom will be pushed away while you are present.

Sometimes I want to put in examples of the types of articles I am talking about, but I don’t want to put people’s content down.

There are about 800 readers here now, by the way.  This is okay, just like it is okay that top universities only have a limited number of seats.  It is always the case that there are not many of the most competent individuals.

8 thoughts on “Part Of The Problem Is The Audience Here”

  1. Great post Armen – totally agree! (Sorry – couldn’t resist). In fact I don’t totally agree. Firstly. it isn’t just the internet. Like minded people have always formed groups, indulged in ridiculous group think and generally looked inwards. Whether this is the local church, the town table tennis club, or the office with all the sycophants jockeying for position at the top table.
    Secondly, preaching to the converted (or the choir) is what happens when people lack imagination and courage to go out there and find a new audience. This point is a challenge to all us out there in the blogosphere posting oh-so-politely on each others sites – we must break the cycle and do something different.

    1. Hi Peter.

      That cycle sure is hard to break. I rarely ever see it broken.

      Frankly, I see the cycle made stronger often when people say “why even watch this video if you don’t like it?”

      We got some fixing to do.

  2. Although some readers don’t have any problems when viewing your site, at least they can get information as well. Like me, I also write blogs. But I always make sure I visit other blog sites as well. In that way, I can expand my knowledge about something! 🙂

    1. You gotta stop expanding your knowledge Ashley. This is the problem with our society. A lot of people are learning too much.

  3. Hate to say this Armen, because of the content, but I do passionately agree with what you’ve written. The problem with those who do need to be inspired to live a fulfilled life is that they rarely seek the information they need to change.

    They would rather sit home and watch TV, drink beer and do nothing to help themselves and their family.

    Now, you have impacted someone and that’s me because it gives me something to think about for how I’m impacting others and how to draw in those that truly need to be inspired.

    Keep thinking, stay strong and Be Inspired.

    1. Geoff it is the way things are in many locations. The people that need X are not always where X is. This is where middlemen come into play to connect people to who they need.

      I stay strong.

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