Quote Analysis – Jessica Alba On Rejection

I’m grateful and thankful that people said no for so long because it encouraged me to push the boundaries and to be completely limitless. (from video)

This quote from some unknown actress named Jessica Alba tells us a bit about the good part of getting rejected.  She had an idea to make a company that provided eco-friendly(non-toxic) family products that were affordable and reasonably fashionable or stylish.  She saw that a company meeting these requirements didn’t exist, and so she teamed up with some individuals to start her company which is called The Honest Company.

The first point to bring up is that Jessica Alba already is doing fine as an actress, and didn’t need to branch out into starting her own company.  Initiative like this says a lot about a person, because very few do things when they don’t need to do them.  Those who do should be recognized and complimented for their efforts.

On to the message of the quote, she was saying that she had people around her telling her that she didn’t need to try to do something big like making a company.  They said something like “why don’t you just endorse a product, because that is much easier?”, but Jessica went against this.  She could have easily endorsed a product and made a fair amount of money, but she put that aside for her vision.  Some of the best products are made by the people who most want to use them.  Steve Jobs once said that about Apple products.  Jay-z said that the things that he does are an extension of who he is, mostly his creative side.

Instead of running away from her idea when those around her rejected it, Jessica pressed on because she knew she had a mission and something she wanted to change.

I will end this post with a picture of the mineral fluorite, because someone who can handle rejection and work through it will flourish like fluorite.


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  1. Armen, enjoyed the post. If things are too easy then we don’t appreciate acheiving them. A bit of rejection does toughen our resolve and tests out whether we really want to do it or not. To quote one of my favourite singer-songwriters Bruce Cockburn: “nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight, got to kick at the darkness ’til it bleeds daylight”.

  2. Great post with which I agree absolutely. I retired a year ago and was lost so after six months of pondering what to do I undertook my presence on the internet which combines many areas of interest and the ICT challenge of learning. With it comes despair and elation and hopefully a reward to come. If that reward is from helping and encouraging others that will be fantastic.

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