Running In The Rain

I sure have a lot of topics I want to cover, but one that requires no effort from me is of running in the rain.  I have done it a few times recently, and it has been a wonderful experience.  I have a couple of take-away messages from the activity, and I like talking about this subject, mostly because it involves nature and healthy material.

As The Rain Drops

When you run in the rain, you get cooled off by the water that drops.  It was raining very lightly during my recent runs at the park, so I wasn’t getting drenched, but that could be just as good.  After a while, when you would normally start to sweat during a standard run, your sweat blends with the rain to create water that feels clean and cools you down.

While I was running, there were very few people around the park, as there were only a few walking their dogs, or standing around, or walking slowly.  I saw very little activity, but I am sure there was a lot of activity at local gyms(folks missing the event).  Regardless, I was near the end of my run and saw another guy like me who was running, and who seemed to be just about finished.  We started running as a team, and making jokes, and it was good because he made up for the total lack of activity elsewhere in the park.  His name was Max and I might run into him again sometime.

You Can Find People Like You

One message to take away from this is that there are people like you out there.  I don’t lose hope that there are those like Max out there, who bring energy and a cool attitude to the table.  I see/meet them once in a while, and it is refreshing.  You have a certain way you look at people, or a specific interest like salsa dancing or geography, and so you can’t lose hope that there are people who can connect with you quite well in this category.  They are out there.  Also, you will not find these people if you don’t put out your interests in practice.  If you hide your salsa dancing passion, the person with that interest who you could have met will not know, and you won’t end up connecting.  This is why you have to exhibit your interests regardless of the response of many, because you then open up opportunity with a few.

Your Area Likely Has More For You To Use

Another message here is to use what you have.  There are people in the houses close to the park I ran at that I am sure are obese, or have health or stress problems, or so on, that would be in a completely different situation if they crossed the street every two days and walked or ran at the park.  Instead of this, some of them look at being close to the park as annoying because it brings slightly more traffic around.  We have to take note of what we have available to us, because it could be the world to someone else.

Some Adventures Are Freeing

Lastly, when you run in the rain, you forget almost everything else.  You feel invigorated from the cooling effects of the rain water, as well as the effects of running, and you get that natural feeling that you can’t get in most other exercise scenarios.  If it rains in your area at some time, I suggest you try this out.  If you are not interested in specifically running in the rain, then I would suggest you try out some activity around your area that you haven’t done much of before.

Added Message

Let me know what you think about running in the rain, or a similar activity that you do.  Also, if anyone with a site with more than 100 readers is interested in a guest post, let me know in a comment here, or through my contact form/e-mail/Twitter.

30 thoughts on “Running In The Rain”

  1. Hey Armen,

    I remember running in the rain a couple of times. What stuck in my mind is how at first the rain drops felt uncomfortable, but one I was soaking wet, my body got used to it and it felt good and liberating. So interestingly enough, running in the rain is for me a lesson about getting out of your comfort zone.

    1. Hi Eduard.

      That is another valid lesson to take from the experience. I could say similar with my comfort zone to break out of being getting my heart rate up, as it is normally not in exercise mode. The first bits of cold water were pretty refreshing in my view. We are RR, also known as Rain Runners.

      I had not thought of this take-away lesson“

  2. I like hanging out in the rain in general. It brings me in closer touch with nature, and it feels freeing in a “not supposed to do that!” kind of way. Even without company, who cares what other people think?

    1. Hi Steven.

      That’s a valid point. Standing in it can be enjoyable as well. I’d probably get cold after a bit. Your “not supposed to do that” kind of way description makes sense. You go against general thinking/activities and you wonder why not so many do it as well. It is sort of like businessmen who take big risks with big profits wonder why certain businessmen don’t take big risks and thus continue to have small rewards.

      Also, yes on that point about company. As I don’t usually go with a running partner, I am fine with that scenario.

  3. Armen: I may have to live vicariously through you on this one:) I can’t say that I have ever really tried it out, but since you recommend it so strongly, it may be worth a try. I think though in Michigan I would probably have to also be open to running in the cold rain. It usually cools off quite a bit when it rains here. I can see though from your description how enjoyable it may be. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Hi Sibyl.

      I am glad to be the one running through the rain for the both of us. I run quite energetically, so maybe I have already been doing that.

      That makes sense that the rain would be cold rain over there. You’ve got to be tough to run in the rain when it is real cold because it absorbs any heat you may have.

      I am glad I got my scenario across though. Good stuff.

  4. Interesting topic. I know the feeling. I ran in the rain many times, and at night, in the mud, and fog, with weights on my feet … Each had been a beautiful experience. The act of running is beautiful, but the environment can make magic…

    1. Hi Marko.

      That is a lot of different ways to do it. I haven’t ran with weights on, and don’t plan to, but that would certainly change the running pattern. Suddenly it becomes running + working out instead of only running, and I assume it gets tiring much sooner. Running at night is another cool one, but there aren’t so many good locations at night that come to my mind, because there are more risks involved. There are some cool places to run at night, though. For example, a lot of people run around the Rose Bowl loop which I have driven to a few times and done here in California.

      1. Hey Armen, yes, there are plenty of ways to make running more interesting, I’m glad that you have this healthy habit…

        Approximately, I run only half the distance with weights on feet… I do not do it often, especially because I mistakenly bought a slightly bigger weights (:D), however, it’s great exercise.

        As for night running, in my town, there is a long trail along the river that is safe and often there are a few people running, especially in summer…. I accidentally discovered that, my friend who run a lot told me…

        1. Marko,

          Running by a river at night sounds great. There are no rivers close to here that I know of to run by, but I used to run by the beach, so that is somewhat similar. Rivers are nifty because you get the feeling that you could cross them at some points, unless your river is much larger than that.

          When you find out about a new trail, it is a eye-opening feeling because you find a new place you can travel through at times.

  5. Armen,

    I have enjoyed rain since I was a kid and growing up in seattle it was requirement that we love drizzling rain often. Even now with kids sometimes we go for a walk and sometime rainbow view cheers us up during the walk.

    1. Hi Preeti.

      That is cool material. Seattle sure does get rain very often, so I can understand what you’re saying. Rainbows are often a joyous surprise to see. Those younger individuals really enjoy rain walks, from my own guess.

      I know plants are glad when the rain comes.

      1. Armen,

        Yes, Seattle gets lot of drizzle, which is full rain but weather is cloudy mostly. Sunshine is welcome change there.

        Plants, animals all love when rain comes, as they do not get to store water as humans do.

        1. Preeti,

          I know that folks in areas of constant rain look forward to those rare bits of sunshine. I am in an area of much sunshine so I often look forward to those times of rain.

          Plants sure do have to deal with the water they get on the spot, because they can’t have it transported in trucks from hundreds of miles away.

        2. Hey, that means Seattle has a lot of Snoop Dogg’s favorite rain!

          The Drizzle ——–of course—Ha-Ha

          LBC represent

  6. Is it really about running in the rain, or simply doing something that makes you feel good that is just a little unconventional.

    I have run in the rain a couple of times before and the best way I can describe the feeling is a sense of freedom and rebellion. Its like here I am, running the rain, connected with nature, its sacred and very liberating.

    I tell you what I also do. I dance in the rain. I jump in puddles. I sing out loud. Because there is nothing quite like the freedom of being able to express yourself in every single way.

    Thank you for the post =)

    1. Hello there.

      I think this piece was more specifically about the raining in the rain, but you are right that the concepts expand out into being about doing things that you enjoy which are unconventional.

      Your description of how it is seems about right. I guess the freeing part is where the coolness comes in, and how it is something that most don’t do. However, if many did it, I think it might be even more fun. Having 50 people run together in the rain would be an adventure.

      Those are cool others things you do in the rain. I avoid those puddles bigtime but you go for them.

  7. I love being out in the weather at any time day or night (I go for walks with my umbrella). It’s amazing how we become indoctrinated with the world voice that will tell you what you can and cannot do. We miss out on all kinds of wonderful experiences because we simply listen to voices that say “no, you can’t do that”, or “be reasonable” etc. etc. Just think; if the world voice is enough to make up ones mind about running in the rain, what else could they be missing?

    1. Hi Rob.

      Those voices are in most people’s heads. I know this because I don’t see people do a lot of the things I know they want to do, so I guess the voices are winning the battle.

      Our actions create the world around us, so these voices have to be conquered in the mind before we will do and see the special things in physical form.

    1. Hi Celeste.

      That sure is taking it another step further. You won’t see me washing my hair in the rain.

      Actually, that picture is of neither I nor Max, as it is a random person who I don’t know of.

        1. You can set this up by putting a picture up on, and then when you comment, use the same e-mail for your comment e-mail box, and it will put your picture up.

  8. Last time I went running in the rain it started to pour on me and I remember thinking how much more motivated I was to push myself to my physical limits to get out of the lightning infested environment as quickly as possible : )…. This is somewhat like running in the winter time when it is sub freezing temperatures. The difficult conditions help my mind push my body, or something….

    1. Hello there.

      Whatever motivation we can get is what we must find and use. I think it will be raining in my area quite soon so I will be back running in the rain again, barring any unforeseen complications. Your lightning message sure makes sense in some areas.

  9. I’ve been useing the rain as an excuse not to run but we have had a whole week of it so I have to go out now in it. I know it will be fine once I get going but just getting out the door takes a mental push..

    1. Hi there.

      It sure does take a mental push, but to cancel out any mental friction, think that the rain will be waiting for you and you can conquer it. Also think about me and other people who run in the rain.

      Good deal and thanks for your honesty.

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