Sites To Mention 12-10-2009 Plus Podcast Plus Map

websiteHello all.  Once in a while, I like to mention a few sites that stick out in my mind.  Hopefully these sites that I mention will continue going, as a few of the sites I have mentioned before are no longer around or updated, but I don’t think that will be the case with any of these here.  I like pointing out certain sites, because the writers behind them either are bringing in loads of energy and effort, or have a recurring message or theme that they are presenting, or are great people for our society to applaud.  After that I will link to the podcast I made last week, which includes me talking about a lot of site-writers that I read from.  After that I will include an embedded personal development writers map that I made, if you had not seen it through a link from me elsewhere.

A Boundless World

Photo_on_2009-12-02_at_23.52A Boundless World is the home of Bud Hennekes.  This person is a  positive reinforcer and a big thinker.  He recently created a collaborative item called Reality Switch with Glen Allsopp from PluginID.  Looking at a few of his recent posts, I can see what I like about them.  His recent one about getting angry to cause change is appealing to me because I had thought of similar material at times.  I think that is a common theme in these sites that I like, in that we have similar thoughts, and I don’t always put my thoughts down, so it is good to see them in print, and also from a different perspective.  There is also material that was not in my thoughts, which supplements what I might have in mind.  Bud is positive, and he passes it on to others.

David Turnbull

profile-imageDavid Turnbull at has certainly gotten the ball rolling with his recent writings.  He is on a consistent schedule, has it planned long in advance, and packs a punch in each post.  Along with describing what to do and not do, he talks about what programs or services he uses, so you are in line with his functional experience.  He discusses life hacking, and gives you new material because it comes from him.  This might sound obvious, but there’s some items he has said that I haven’t seen said in that way elsewhere.  This is a good feature.  He keeps some things simple, and can make multiple points in a post without it bothering you as the reader.  Keep a look out for his multi-faceted articles on Mondays and Thursdays for now.

Human Explosion

head2The aptly named Human Explosion is run by Steven Zhao, and this site has a lot you won’t see elsewhere.  The skills Steven brings to the table are substantial, as he can take a concept and express it in words, through comics, and through designed methods.  The color all over the site is aesthetically pleasing, and the seemingly simple comics always send a quiet punchline message.  He recently did a couple of interview posts with 8 other writers, and the amount of detail he put into the imagery, along with the layout and setup, is larger than you think at first look.  This is quality material that is not common.  The use of colors and design items makes you think about using colors in ways you hadn’t before.

Podcast #2

Aside from that, I had recorded a video that I was going to post, but have now converted it to audio.  It is about 25 minutes long, and in it, I talk about many sites and authors, and the locations they are from.


Personal Development Writers Map

This following interactive map, which I made and hosted on, shows where many personal development writers are located:

21 thoughts on “Sites To Mention 12-10-2009 Plus Podcast Plus Map”

  1. Ha, I can tell how long ago this video was made. Thanks for the double shout-out.

    Site’s been up for a couple weeks now @ I can’t wait until I really start seeing some massive growth.

    But now, I’m just focused on producing quality content and making some connections with people in this niche. It’s also kind of cool that I’m only 16 and in personal development.

    1. Hey Brett.

      It sure was made a bit back. It is a good thing I went ahead and got it out there. Glad for the shout-out.

      Dare To Express is Brett’s new site as previewed in the podcast, folks.

      Your focus is in the right place, and that certainly is cool. It is easy to get derailed, as far as focal point.

      Good to hear from you.

  2. Hey Armen, once again you have produced an enlightening and interesting post. I am glad that you point out these wonderfully energetic people, it is always refreshing to see new perspectives from up and coming quality creators. Also, your personal development map is a nice addition to your podcast. The map not only serves to put a face with the author but also informs me of the environment that may be influencing their writing, nicely done!

    1. Hey Nick.

      Thanks about that. I sure do like to point out folks who are doing interesting things, and the locations sure are relevant. Our locations have a huge impact on what we do, as you know, so the link is quite relevant.

      It was also cool for me to see, as I didn’t have a general sense of where everyone was, but only had an idea where each single person was.

    1. Hey Eric.

      Thanks about that. I will go ahead and add you there thanks to the information you have provided. We sure are spread out a bunch. It’s pretty interesting how spread out the folks are.

    1. Hey David.

      Sure thing there. One thing that sticks out in my mind is your article titles and headings, as the font used there sure is memorable. Nice writing schedule also.

  3. You do have a very nice presentation here. I did not know that there are lots of bloggers in the personal development zones. I’m familiar with some of the faces but some I have not explored yet. I better check them out. 🙂

    1. Hi Walter.

      Thanks for that. While there are a few writers in this category, as can be seen from the map there are not that many in each location. Good call on checking some out.

    1. Hi Oscar.

      Thanks about that. I sure had a great time making it. That time I spent making it went very fast, and now we get a better sense of the world as our world.

  4. Hey Armen, thanks a lot for the mention on the blog post and the podcast, appreciate it lots! 🙂

    I see your cool map and I think how everyone has a picture for their avatar. See I chose my avatar simply because everyone else has their face on it lol. But I’ll put my picture up later just so they don’t have to always think I am happy face in real life.

    1. Hey Steven.

      Sure thing about those.

      Good call on using an avatar that was different from the norm. It sure is noticeable(long live gradients). I look forward to seeing your picture when it goes up.

  5. Hey Armen,
    I was pleasantly surprised to see my fat face on the personal development map. Thank you.

    There’s a few new faces in there I haven’t seen. I’m going to check them out.
    Great idea!

    Cheers, mate!

      1. Hey Gordie.

        I tried to make your face as large as possible using any photo-manipulation software available. As you can see I sure expanded it beyond any normal possible amount. I am joking there.

        Thanks about the map and the podcast shout out. Good call on your site going to ‘for’ instead of ‘4’, and the switch looks to have been smooth.

    1. Hey Celes.

      Sure thing about that. There was no way I was leaving out the home of Personal Excellence. Good call about David and Steven’s material, as they are both steamrolling as we speak.

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