Sites To Mention 3-08-2009

websiteHere is another set of sites that I am propelled to recommend taking a look at, due to various features or characteristics that they contain.  All of them have titles that relate quite well to their design, content, and/or general feel.  I will discuss why they are worth reading, who runs them, and what sets them apart.


At Very Evolved, neuroscientist Patrick writes articles that contain biological information and research references that describe concepts like fear, memory, nostalgia, and rewards.  The concepts brought up remind us of how evolved we are as organisms, and they are explained with supporting scientific facts.  The images that go with his articles fit the main article message quite well, as they are uniquely designed, and could transmit a valid point on their own.  An example research journal that was cited in his “Inside the gambling brain” article is the journal Neuron.


Embrace Living is run by Celestine, and she presents material that is completely in line with pro-actively embracing one’s life.  The site recently underwent a re-design that leaves it in its more functional and organized state.  Topics discussed there include conscious living, goal achievement, maximizing productivity, and emotional mastery.  There are multiple sets of article series there, such as the 6-part ESPER goal-achievement series.  She is very open about her own qualities and experiences; this keeps the material from becoming constricted over time, and also keeps us inclined to keep reading to find out more about how her efforts relate to the message of the articles.  Celestine is becoming active in public personal development spreading as well.


Trey over at Swollen Thumb has a title that is spot-on for the site and content.  The logo is a thumb that sticks out in multiple ways, and the same is true of the writing personality Trey brings to the table.  Trey states his views directly on issues about artists, movies, and content creation.  As the site slogan is “We’re Going To Stick Out”, you will likely remember to check for the next article at random times, as the “straight like it is” commentary desire you have will then be able to be quenched.  Swollen Thumb Entertainment looks to have a good foundation due to the voice of its creator.


Dietriffic is aptly named, due to it being a terrific site discussing the subject of diet and nutrition, and Melanie, who is the individual behind this site, presents nutritional advice in a way that is likely to change your eating habits.  Dietriffic contains loads of articles that detail specific nutritional points, like 25 Healthy Snack Ideas and The Perfect Healthy Granola Bar recipe.  The site is delectably designed, as the forkful of salad in the header, which provides a healthy and tasty feel, quickly shows to a new visitor.

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    1. Trey: Certainly, and there comes a point where it can be hard not to acknowledge the presence of worthwhile material that is being transmitted routinely.

  1. Hey Armen! Thanks so much for your kind review and plug! I really appreciate it 🙂 It’s my great pleasure to have befriended you in my journey – Knowing you and other self help bloggers makes the whole path of personal development so much more fun! 🙂 Keep up the great work at Timeless Info!

    1. Celes: I am glad to have provided it, and it was interesting to see how site names such as yours fit so well with the message being sent on them. It sure is a fulfilling process. Your kind words and positive attitude are uplifting to those that interact with you.

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