Stand For Something

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”  This quote represents why you need to stick to some passion you have and maintain it.  If you don’t have a foundation based on something you adhere to, you will be too weak to avoid getting stuck on any “good deal” that shows up.  Once you are grounded in some routine or set of procedures, and assign them a high priority, you have a protection against outside forces that would take you from your focused state to a state of confusion or addiction.

What You Stand For Will Provide You With Power

Once you pick something that you represent or stand for, you will end up putting a lot of work into defending it.  This work is returned to you as power.  When you start your gardening business every day at 7 AM, regardless of whether customers are there or not, people see that you have a higher priority set than most, as you adhere to something you have planned to accomplish through obstacles and new problems.  People will start to remember you as the person who is always there at 7 AM, which represents that you have all other parts of life under control, in order to make it in time each day.

Until You Stand For Something, People Will Assume You Are Confused

People quickly check what you stand for when you discuss with them, and if you don’t stand for something, they will start to wonder if things in your existence are currently too much for you to handle.  This is based on the assumption that a person who stands for something has the rest of their efforts under control.  Sean Carter said that his priorities are “honesty, loyalty, friends, and then wealth”.  When someone hears this, they know that Sean will stand for honesty, and avoid or punish people who are dishonest to him.  Standing for something means responding in a corrective fashion to others who try to affect the validity or value of that “something”.

Your Foundation Allows Others To Lean On You

The impact of you standing for something means that others are able to lean on you for support.  As you defend and protect your item or interest, others will absorb those qualities, and also benefit from seeing a person like you who isn’t confused about your priorities.  If you are looking for that self-esteem boost you get from bringing positive change to others, set your foundation in place, and the others you are to help will come directly to you for support.

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  1. Oscar: Thanks for that sir. That effort is like a mouse running on a running wheel, creating electricity to use later. The strong motivation certainly is visible to those that understand effort, and will be labeled “luck” or “lucky circumstances” by those that don’t.

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