Team Up With A Partner To Make Progress

A Mother Daughter team (presumably) walk barefoot together on the beach
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If are you out on the street by yourself, you will probably get the feeling that people driving by in cars think you are somewhat weird. On the other hand, if you are walking down the street with someone else, you suddenly don’t have those thoughts. The power of partnering up with others to do almost anything is something that you want to keep in mind.

Exercise With Someone

There is no shortage of ways to make use of this concept. One involves exercise. If you are a person who will feel socially out of place running on some trail, or at a local basketball court, or at an ice skating rink alone, you will be much more comfortable going with someone. It’s worth it to team up with someone. You don’t even have to be prepared. You could go to the beginning of the hiking trail and find someone else who is going up alone and join them. You could also search online to find others who are hiking in the area, or take a friend. It can make a huge difference if you are not up for doing activities alone.

On the other hand, you could go on your own and risk getting bitten by some person’s dog that wasn’t kept on a leash, even though dogs are supposed to be kept on leashes, and all is well and good until the dog bites someone and then they say “oh my dog was a nice dog”,  but it is too late because the bite already happened, and any excuses about the dog aren’t as relevant as dealing with the injury.  I like to include more entertaining bits like this in articles.

Partner For Your Efforts

Another example is in your efforts. It is great to have an accountabilibuddy who you can put effort in with together. However it is created, it will motivate you to do more than you normally would, and you will both have effort to discuss with each other after it occurs. It is quite easy to find a person for this, but the hard part is setting some real goals beforehand, and then working through them with your partner. Self-discipline of this type pays off more than normal, because you get the results, and also get to watch the results of your partner, and are able to talk about both.

There is much I have read in relation to partnering up in some way.  Bud wrote  an article about forming a mastermind group with others.  The members of a group of that type will help each other bigtime.  Then, I found this article about exercising with a partner to keep the motivation to exercise in place.  Here is an article I have found from about teaming up for success.  It points out that teamwork equals success, and that the person who goes it alone is no longer as viable.  That article is from 2007, and is more about building businesses, but it still relates to the concept.

One other article on this topic is by Paul at Diary4Life about Creating a Mastermind team.  It contains a lot about the details of how to select a partner or team, based on criteria that are important to you.  This is an important aspect to take into account.  Picking the first person that you see might work, but any thinking you put in to who you choose will also be rewarded.

There Is Much Opportunity

Somebody is ready to team up with you right now for business, sports, yoga, studying, networking, motivation, goal-setting, going to events, and so on.  You probably thought of a person or two you might want to team up with now that you have read this article.  That is how good my writing and message is – it leads straight to action.  There hasn’t been a time where I teamed up with someone and regretted it afterward.  You might be surprised with how the person you want to team up with also wants to team up with you.  You might also be rejected and mocked for even trying, leading to a short bit of depression.  It isn’t likely, though.

You Won’t Be The Only One

Another thing you get out of partnering up with someone is a sense that you’re not alone in your quest.  Although it is good to feel as though you are leading the way through new frontiers, it is also good to get in touch with reality and connect with others who see a similar frontier.  I’ve found that there is always someone having a similar thought process to me in some aspect.

Partnering Makes Your Goals More Real

Teaming up with someone for something adds seriousness to it too.  Teaming up is saying that you are looking to fulfill your part of the collaboration.  If you have nothing to bring to the table, teaming up is not appealing.  It motivates you to bring something to the table.  If the table were a dinner table, you could bring some bread sticks to it.  Since it is most likely not, you must replace those bread sticks with your skill or effort of choice.

Collaboration and teamwork have such positive connotations because the people making use of them are getting leaps and bounds ahead of folks who are trying to stay as single entities.  There is a time and place for doing things alone, but there should also be a time and place for the opposite.

Random Example Story

How can I add more value here?  I could create a story.  Here is an example I am creating on the spot for you to relate to your own efforts:

There is a person named John, who is interested in learning C++ programming through tutorials.  He knows that he has tried it before, and did not go past tutorial 5 of a 31-day set.  This time, he finds someone else who is learning C++, like through the FreeNode C++ IRC Channel, and sets up a plan with them to go through the tutorial together.  He finds that their levels are somewhat different, so he resolves to do the first 4 sets of the tutorial on his own, followed by teaming up with the partner for the other 27 days.  John has put in effort and acquired an accountabilibuddy.

In Closing

If this article has made you think you want to partner up with me in some aspect(as most do), let me know through the contact page.  Other than that, feel free to leave a comment in relation to this topic.  Let me know if you thought of someone to team up with in some respect also, although you don’t have to mention who they are.

32 thoughts on “Team Up With A Partner To Make Progress”

  1. Hello Armen,

    Wonderfully explained the benefits of teaming up. Yes, it does reduce a lot of burden and that is why we have combined study or discussion of the topics when we were in school or college.
    But there is also other side of this article: I would say that teaming up is like a ‘symbiotic relationship’ as it does not guarantee success of both the parties but it does help them mutually.
    I know who I would like to team up when going to Library this weekend.

    Bye for now,
    Cheryl Paris Blog
    .-= Cheryl Paris´s last blog ..6 Easy Tips To Keep Your Fears From Holding YOU Back – Discover Your Talents Now! =-.

    1. Hi Cheryl.

      Thanks there. That is true about how it helps a lot when studying. Although it can also lead to some times of distraction, it keeps you in line with others. You get a better idea of what you don’t know that other classmates know. There are also some fun times that can occur there in those distractions.

      It sure is not a guarantee. That is a good addition to point out. A special partnership would be one where both strongly benefit, but not all work out that way, and so there comes a time to see if the partnership should be replaced with new ones for each, or at least for the one who is contributing.

      Good call about the library teamage“

  2. Hey Armen.
    I have had a training (exercise) partner for most of my adult life. Having set times where I’m committed to meet, and train with, him or her has always been an important and invaluable part of my accountability system. Instead of having a training partner, you might have an accountability partner, and instead of the project being your body, it might be your business, your study, your drinking problem or any other personal growth area.
    .-= Motivational Speaker – Craig Harper´s last blog ..Exercise Intensity =-.

    1. Hi Craig.

      That is a smart move in having an exercise partner like that. I assume that both of you are very glad about the arrangement. There is something great about having partners of some type for something healthy like exercise.

      Valid message there about spreading the concept to other fields. I can’t really think of a field where partnering up is a general negative.

  3. Hey Armen,

    I have done some partnering in business and it helped me a lot. I think what mattered the most was that me on my business partner have complementary strengths, but common goals and values. So we can support each other in a very good way. Awesome 🙂

    1. Hi Eduard.

      I like your real usage of partnering. That is certainly an unexpected benefit when you have complementary strengths to each other. It doesn’t always work out that way, which can be okay as well, but yours is a better form of partnership, like a yin and yang to fill a circle of responsibility.

      Good thing I wrote about this or you might have been left wondering if partnering in business was a good idea~

  4. What? I walk down the street by myself all the time, no dog, no friend, but I was feeling perfectly fine about it until now :)! Just kidding – The partnering idea is great, but the thing is, what if you are more motivated and more committed than your partner? What if they slow you down? Would it not damage your own progress? Is it ok to switch partners? I admit, I can be the slow one sometimes but it happens!
    Stimulating ideas though!

    1. Hi Farnoosh.

      I am glad I made you feel insecure about walking alone. That was my master plan behind the article.

      You bring up a good point about the issues in place when the other individual is not as committed to the collaborative gains. It sure is okay to switch partners at any time, letting the other person know first. That is the benefit of putting in effort to get a partner, because then you are in control of the situation, and can also get another if you choose to(since you already know how to). It is always good to assess your partner at times, to see if you are not only giving to them, but if they are providing a challenge to you.

      Great questions–

      1. Just so you know, I have banned walking alone around my neighborhood until I find a partner! For now, I am going to make my husband go with me and if he asks where I got such a crazy idea…. :)!
        Thanks Armen! Great posts beget great questions!

        1. This is what I do. I cause change. You can report on the idea as “provided by Timeless Information” in case you look to cite your source to your husband. On the other hand, there is fun to be had in ignoring folks who might be thinking weird of anyone for walking down streets alone.

          Thanks about the article.

  5. Armen,

    A great post about partnering and you’re so right the power of partnerships is great than the addition of the two. I wrote a post about this a few weeks ago;

    I love your use of the phrase, “accountabilibuddy” and Craig’s “accountability partner”

    Working together not only produces improved results but is more effective, with increased efficiency.


    .-= Paul´s last blog ..A place for everything and everything in its place =-.

    1. Hi Paul.

      Thanks about the post. I am going to include your article in the post as well. I am pretty sure I read it, and maybe it subconsciously caused me to write this article.

      Thanks about that accountabilibuddy action. I got that from an episode of South Park, and I like using it to represent accountability with another person. Craig’s term sure does work as well.

      Working together sure creates potential that wasn’t there before.

      Good stuff.

    1. All the thanks goes to you for your article being related“ It fit in well, and I can only hope to connect to resources like it in my articles.

  6. Good reminders here. It’s about having an accountability partner for life, too. Someone to hold you accountable for the things you state are important.

    My wife, upon request, will hold me accountable to follow through with my goals and dreams.


    1. Hi Alex.

      This is true. A partner of that type could make the difference between falling apart and staying strong in a tough time. That is very cool about the support that your wife would provide you, as there is much advantage in having that. It is like a support beam for a bridge that makes it able to support all the traffic that goes across it.

  7. Hey Armen,

    I’ve found that teaming with a partner has been tremendously beneficial in my efforts at BlogcastFM. It would have been a thousand times more time consuming and not nearly as efficient if I had tried to do it on my own.

    1. Hi Srinivas.

      That is true. Pairing up for that makes you a power duo, whereas all the parts would be way more difficult if you were singled out in the process. Partnerships have their hardships, but efficiency is not usually one of them.

    1. Hi Tess.

      That is cool that you are a part of a couple of teams. That, in and of itself, makes for better days. We should be grateful for any teams we have assembled or become a part of. The benefits usually outweigh the cons by a large margin.

      Nobody sure has to go it alone, although some still choose to.

      Partners for the win.

  8. Hi, I am actually in the process of doing some more partnership stuff on my blog. I have found that when I partner up with people that are on the same wavelength at me and the timing is right, magic begins to appear for me and the other person. I think it’s all about alignment…

    1. Hi Baker.

      That was pretty funny stuff on my end. I read that last part as “magic beans appear for me and the other person.” Too bad that isn’t the case. That sounds cool about your partnership plans. It’s always a good improving or learning experience.

      You are right about alignment. If that isn’t part of the concept, things don’t go well. There has to be a match. When a match is in place, teamwork is like ricecakes.

        1. If I see magic beans I will cook them and mix with rice to have a healthy meal with protein, and also have some water and salad.

  9. This has a lot of value but one of the challenges in this is finding the right partner depending on what you are trying to achieve. For instance, in the fitness example it can be nice to have someone that pushes you because you need that. Of course something has to in it for them to want to do this as well. In business the best partnerships are those were each others skills complementary to each other to provide a “sum is greater than the parts” situation.
    .-= Marc Winitz´s last blog ..Get to the Edge – Making Performance Breakthroughs =-.

    1. Hi Marc.

      This is true. If you find a fitness partner who has a whole different fitness plan, you wouldn’t able to directly team up with them, but could work on goals alongside them. On the other hand, if you find a fitness partner with the same exercise goals, like building up arm strength or running speed, then the goals can be way more similar, or even equal for both.

      As a couple of you have pointed out, it seems that those with complementary skills have the potential for the highest benefits to show up.

  10. Armen: Excellent point. We really can open ourselves up to so much more success and opportunities, when we open ourselves up to other people. I think there is something to be said about partnering with other people in real ways and working together to support one another and make progress toward a common goal. Yes, we can always go at it alone, but when we are able to find ways to connect with other people and work together in ways that provide advantages for everyone, that is when things really begin to fall into place. Great post.
    .-= Sibyl – alternaview´s last blog ..One Little Secret We Should Know if We Really Want to Do Something Well =-.

    1. Hi Sibyl.

      Thanks there.

      It is important that we open up, and not close up, to others. I have failed in this regard, but I have also learned in this regard, so that is a positive. I always have good intent, so that keeps me forward-moving.

      We sure can go at things alone, but it just isn’t the same in most cases.

      Glad to here from the creator of the alternaview“

  11. I was a little bit put off by the idea that training alone is strange, that idea has never crossed my mind. Strange why?
    But I do agree, it is better to partner up. There are many benefits from teaming up with others, as you have pointed out.
    Always enjoy reading your thoughts, and it is great that you take time to reply to the comments. I think it separates you from a lot of the other blogs I read. It is good for all the reasons you list in this post.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Hi Martin.

      It sure isn’t so helpful to have the feeling that training alone is strange, but there are many who feel this way for various categories of training. There are a lot of things that people won’t do by themselves, but that they are glad to do with others. I can’t say it is strange to me to do something by myself, though.

      Thanks about the messages, and also about comment replies here. I like feedback a lot, and others can get a bit more information in relation to each article also. I appreciate the kind words.

  12. Great content and I do believe that effective partnering in business is an important factor.
    Bring people on board who have great skills and it will enhance your business tremendously.

    Cari S

    1. Hi Cari.

      Thanks about the piece and it sure has helped me at times. On the other hand, at times it has not helped me at all because I didn’t put in enough effort. I guess we have to partner up and also bring forth much energy or else it won’t maintain.

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