The 12 Days Of Posts – Mentioning Many Folks

Hey folks.  I shall continue the 12 days of posts here, although I didn’t end up posting the last few days.  I had a post ready to go to continue it a few days back, but I deleted it when I was finished because it probably wouldn’t have been received well, and then I didn’t have the post for that day, and then I lost momentum for a few.  I just wanted to explain that.

This post may end up being quite long.  In this post of the 12 days of posts, I am going to mention and talk about many people.  Most of the people that I am looking to mention are writers from other sites that I know of.  I thought I’d talk about what they’re doing, or what they have done, or what they are about.  If you like hearing about people, then you will like this article.


I will just get started and keep going from there.  The first person I look to mention is Celes from  What you get from Celes is a mix of passion, support for your passion, positivity, and some good elements of Oprah and Tim Ferriss.  Celes is very skilled at finding out what is required of any effort or production early on in the process, so she wastes no time getting to the important stuff.  This comes from her good ability to take the important feedback that is presented and respond to it very quickly.

Some items that Celes has done recently include forums she has created on her own site, and a guest post on Lifehack about New Year’s Resolutions.  Also, she was just on the channel News Asia on the 28th of December, and that is one huge TV station.  Good stuff all around.


Farnoosh is one active individual.  I have spoken about her and her writings at Prolific Living previously.  She is always keen to respond and interact with her audience, and also challenges her readers at times with questions they can follow up on.  Recently, she had an article that was quite the piece, and it led to a huge amount of comments and feedback about the topic of whether or not someone should have children.  This is obviously a huge topic in our world of reproducers, and there is more than enough feedback in the comments there to help you with that issue if it is in your mind.

One great thing is that Farnoosh is always traveling, whether it is to France or Italy or Switzerland.  This habit allows her to obtain a much bigger mindset(in my opinion) than those who stick in one locale, and she passes that on to her readers.  I say this to be the case because travel has some effects that few people mention.  One is that your mind partially resets when you are in a new area, like any errors from your past are not there, and you have opportunity to do as you desire, so you do things you would not normally do.  This is not to say that you couldn’t do them in your own hometown, but you wouldn’t.  This is part of what I see as getting a bigger mindset.  This also means that there are also ways to get this benefit of traveling without having to travel, by instead pushing yourself as hard as you can in your current environment, but that is topic for another article.

Tim Ferriss

I recently wrote and deleted an article I had about Tim’s new book The 4 Hour Body.  I have to mention this guy because he is a marketer in so many ways.  He can sell rice to someone who already has rice.  I don’t mean this in a bad way at all.  I used to think poorly of people that sell hard and use methods, but then I realized that they are the ones with bread on the table, and who get to reproduce successfully, and people forget about the others that don’t.  This may seem like a harsh description, but when you look around the world, it seems more accurate than harsh.

Back to discussing his new book and his marketing methods, Tim did a fabulous job of hyping up his release.  He posted on his site about how he wanted to get #1 on the bestsellers list, and told his readers exactly when he wanted them to buy his book so that their purchases were right at the time that would matter for the list.  Some people verify that they will get $10 at the end of an hour of their work, and in the same way, Tim was verifying that he did all the things necessary to get #1 on the New York Times bestseller’s list.

My favorite part of his marketing is his response after he made it to #1 on the bestsellers list.  His article of response included a part that said:

The 4-Hour Body had hit #1 on The New York Times bestseller list, on the hardest list (Advice, How-To) during the hardest week of the year.  I was in shock for the rest of the evening.

This is one of the most important parts about marketing.  Always act surprised at your success.  Even though he obviously knew he was aiming to defeat every other book publisher on the hardest list at the hardest time of the year, he did not mention this previously, and then acted surprised when he got there.  One lesson to take from this for you would-be marketers out there is that you always want to act surprised about your success even when you are so calculated that you know it is coming, because you don’t want people to feel manipulated even if you know you manipulated them for your own ends.  Rule #1 is to not tell people they are stupid, indirectly or directly, even when your marketing requires it.

There was a time when I would look down upon marketers, but this view shifted when I realized that those who do it well get to a life full of fortune where they can then give to charity and cover up any past manipulation with supposedly good-looking deeds, while those that don’t, well, don’t.

Donald Trump

This guy is a go-getter, as so many of you already know, and his show The Apprentice recently ended, and his brand continues to boom.  His children Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka are representing the Trump brand very well, and the winner of the last Apprentice, the amazing Brandy, mentioned that she would want to work Ivanka or Donald Jr. or the other son Eric for her apprenticeship.

What I want to mention about Mr. Trump is that he takes everything seriously, which I find commendable.  You won’t find him messing around on any deal or communication because he knows that could be the beginning of his downfall.  When you don’t treat things seriously, there is always someone out there that will think you have a weakness, and they will then look to exploit it.  He doesn’t even allow this possibility to be there.

People that are very serious are often put down by others until they make it big, and then they don’t have to care because they then live a life of abundance.

Rob White

I want to mention Rob White from because I thought it was cool that he took the book that he created and presented(‘180: A Self-Empowerment System that Never Fails) for show and sale(I think) at the Miami International Book Fair.  He also posted pictures of the event.

Why this sticks out in my mind as an important item from his recent posts is that he did something that most aspiring authors did not or will not do.  Making up a random statistic that is probably very accurate, I’d say that 1 in 10 aspiring authors with a finished book took the initiative to take their book to a book fair or public show/sale event like this.  This is a fine example of walking the walk.


Gail from A Flourishing Life continues to bring forth a message of wholeness and warmth, and of being open to trusting others.  Her articles are set apart by her years of psychological experience, and it shows in how healthy the items she presents are.  I feel that she very well knows some of the healthiest habits we can adapt into our lives.

An example is a recent article of hers about being aware, where she discussed taking a focused look at what you are doing currently, and becoming an expert in each of your moments as they pass by.  This is a requirement for being able to alter any habits you have, as we have to step out of ourselves to see how a habit is running our show instead of us running our show, for example.

Gail is an expert at analyzing the root problems that individuals may have, and while I am glad to have folks who analyze problems in ways that are not as close to the root causes, it is good that we have someone like Gail that often sticks to layer #1 in discussing how to get out of issues.

Also, to stay out of the generic zone, I want to point out that the types of issues that individuals like Gail target are very relevant.  Depression leads to increased eating which leads to obesity which is such a huge current and upcoming problem.  Lack of control over any of the numerous bad habits that we all know about leads to social problems, financial problems, and the like.  It is much much easier to tackle a problem before it results in physical or financial complications.  I know that these are important issues because the vast majority of people suffer from one or the other.

Closing Words

I enjoyed discussing these various folks and some details about their current creations and efforts.  I may follow-up with another post discussing other individuals, or I may not, but I hope you enjoyed this one.  To conclude this post, I have created an audio here that contains a rap and some follow-up discussion.  For those who are interested, press play:

16 thoughts on “The 12 Days Of Posts – Mentioning Many Folks”

  1. How nice to see this, Armen, especially since I just got home from a 2 day trip to Boston with more time spent on the road getting there via New York! (never ever go northeast during the winter ;)) – it is very kind of you to mention me and the interactions with my readers here! I take true delight in doing it and it’s wonderful that you have noticed. Many thanks and great mentions of many others!

    1. Hi Farnoosh.

      Always traveling, and that is a cool thing. Sounds about right about the northeast region packed with snow during the winter session.

      Keep it rollin’

  2. Why thank you for including me in some very fine company, Armen. You latched on to one of my core principals: Success requires climbing two ladders simultaneously; the thinking ladder and the doing ladder. We have to be willing to put all our wonderful thoughts and visions into action if we are to experience them as real. The above examples prove this marvelously.

    I loved hearing that story about Tim Ferris too… that was quite eye opening.

    1. Hi Rob.

      I am glad to do so. There is a lot of fine company out there as well.

      Regarding that core principal, that is a cool way to describe it with the two ladders. They are completely separate, and we can’t succeed without both of them. Words without action starts to get ignored by others.

      Tim is quite the individual.

    1. Hi Shawn.

      Thanks for that. I have to sneak some kernels of truth in once in a while. I have seen the method too many times to not mention it.

      I appreciate that about the site.

  3. Armen,

    Wishing you very happy and successful new year, how have you been? I have to read up on your posts, I think these people you mentioned are wonderful, some I know and few I will get to know.

    Take care.


    1. Hi Preeti.

      Thank you for that. I have been alright. I hope you have been doing well.

      There are some interesting folks mentioned in this piece.

      I read the daily news and it said you hadn’t read my other recent posts, but that’s alright.

      Talk to you.

  4. Hi Armen,
    I thoroughly enjoyed this article! I loved your list and your take on each and every one these amazing people. Farnoosh I love so much…Tim I admire…Gail I learn from…Celes is phenomenal….you get my drift 😉
    What I specially love is your take on their success….very real, very refreshing.
    I might become a cult follower of Timeless Information and you 😉
    So Much Love,

    1. Hi Zeenat.

      Thanks there and we sure do know and learn from many of the same folks. It is a nice feature of being part of a community.

      I appreciate any support such as yours that may arrive.

      Good to hear from you Z

    1. Hi Steven.

      Rob sure is a trooper.

      Also, on that point about learning from similar folks and those who provide knowledge, if we are in this habit, then we have to continue it, as they are our source of value. Some of us like to head to people for guidance, and if that is our main way of getting new direction, we have to do it regularly.

      A good role model is the difference between “making it” and getting left on the sidelines.

  5. I recently wrote and deleted an article I had about Tim’s new book The 4 Hour Body.

    I think this is a pretty standard reaction to Tim Ferriss. As you say, he is an excellent marketer, but sometimes that makes it hard to discern what is marketing and what isn’t. 🙂

    1. Hi Mark.

      I also noticed that Tim even agrees with this type of material. I saw one of his comment responses on that post or a recent post and he said that he does all he can to get the content out there for big initial release, and then it takes care of itself after that.

      Valid follow-up you provide. The line of what is marketing and what isn’t seems to be moved a bit further towards the unexpected/questionable as time goes on.

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