The Impact You Can Have

If you don’t see the impact you are able to have on many people, that is a choice you are making to cover up your eyes.  The opportunity is right there for you to influence or bring change to multitudes of people, directly or indirectly.  Once you accept that you can have a large impact, and then implement action to make that impact, you are able to cause a positive or negative effect.  I would implore you to head for the positive direction, because although having a negative influence still includes your presence as a leader being validated, it can end up leading other people down the wrong path.

Your Effort Can Have A Widespread Impact

A recent example of where my actions caused quite a bit of action to follow is with my 100 Ways To Show Boldness article, which was inspired by Luciano’s eBook talking about this post.  It got spread around quite a bit, and then my friend Mike King from Learn This, who had seen it, followed it up with his own(and then another), and challenged some other writers to make their own.  This was followed by Arswino and Dragos creating their own lists, which got spread around through various sites.  I am not taking any credit for their work, as they are the ones who created their own posts, but I am pointing out the intrinsic value of putting time in on your own terms, as you can then feel that your time that you put in alone then caused a chain of events to occur that might not have occurred had you not done so.  It brings more value to what you are doing.

Sometimes You Should Focus Only On Your Own Thoughts

When I was writing the article/post, I only had focus on it, and was using JDarkRoom as I tend to do now to have my monitor be a full screen of black with the text from writing in green.  For that hour or two while I was writing and creating the list, I wasn’t thinking about impact or effect.  I was writing as though the rest of the world wasn’t there.  This is where your largest impact can come into play.  Those items you do in your own mental world are the best ones you can transmit to others.  The whole point of avoiding distractions during creation of writing or audio or video or brainstorming is that we want to work internally.  There is plenty of time later to be part of the group, but your impact comes from preparing or putting in effort before you meet up or communicate with the group.

A Shortage Of Supporters Is Not A Bad Sign

When you see yourself doing something where you feel you are the only one doing it, you just might be on the right track to a special position.  When you feel like you are doing something similar to what you have seen, you can take a look to see if there is something more individual that you could do.  Creating music is more fulfilling, and has a larger impact upon completion, when you do it from scratch, as opposed to building off of someone else’s work, as you will continually be settling for a compromise between your creation methods and their work that you are building off of.

Be Watchful Of The Direction Of Your Influence

In another example, I am an administrator in a 200-300 person online community, and a goal I have there is to have a positive impact on the members of the community.  This impact is almost tangible.  Being in a position of authority, and doing a good thing can result in ten people doing that same good thing.  When Oprah recommends a book, she can recommend one with no substance, or recommend one with educational value or a solid message inside of it.  Because of her strong presence, either book would be read, but the potential is there for her to have an impact on the knowledge of many of her viewers.

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  1. Mike: Thanks for that. Your article there sure does relate, and I am glad to see it. I will check out that TED video as well. It is cool when ideas complement each other.

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