The Journey to Greatness

This guest post/poem is by Ashwani Kumar of Motivational Thoughts For You.

I came into this world with a blank slate
I was eager to make my own fate
I dreamt of becoming great
I wanted to grow at a phenomenal rate


I decided not to be swept by circumstances
I learnt that life is not a game of chance

I decided to hold fast to the helm of life
I learnt to push through all the strife

I learnt that greatness was bestowed only upon a few
I realized I can be one of them too
I decided to achieve it at any cost
I decided to fight for it even if everything was lost

I embarked upon the journey for greatness
Armed with courage and confidence
I faced countless challenges
I overcame innumerable obstacles

The path was rough and dangerous
It was filled with difficulties enormous
I had to use every bit of talent and skill
And carried on with an iron will

With hard work and pluck
I decided to make my own luck
I was determined not to give up
Every time I fall I decided to get up

No matter what the journey would go on
This is my destiny for which I was born
I want people to speak of me even after I am gone
To become great at any cost, an oath I have sworn

-Ashwani Kumar

Motivational Thoughts For You

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8 thoughts on “The Journey to Greatness”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, it is beautiful and insightful! Many people are currently struggling and this is a great inspiration for anyone! I’ve been lost in life. Finding my way to my life and career dreams was a long hard road.

    Gail Kasper
    Motivational Speaker and Author
    Another Day Without A Cage: 6 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Goals

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