Things Arent The Thing

Likes shares retweets position in hierarchy of company social order texts calls etc. These things don’t matter. What matters is that you’re in line with some form you match with. It’s easy to get distracted into thinking that the external response matches up with what is right for the internal. This is a pervasive thought pattern.

On the other hand, things that you think may be small and only matter to you are actually big and are for you to focus on. You have to not insult your inner world by going with what it tells you matters. If collecting coins or driving down to a certain intersection and walking around on a regular basis will give you a drive or remind you of who you are, you need to do that. It doesn’t matter if it is of no “use” on its own. Its use is connected to you.


Looking at the after-effect is the way to always lose motivation for the process. Unless it is a quick reminder of where you can go, looking at someone else’s results or success, or what they have obtained, doesn’t give you any charge forward. Your charge forward is self-initiated if it is to mean anything.

Separately, make sure your time isn’t being wasted. If you see yourself doing X, but you are doing 1/100th of X because of lack of status or past progress, your current state is a complete waste compared to where you need to be. This should be your driving force. There are those who have progressed to a point where they are doing the X that fits them, but it doesn’t happen instantly. There is societal resistance to actualization until you have built the form.

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