Updates In The Personal Development Blogosphere 8-9-09

There are various occurrences around the personal development site spectrum that are relevant to mention at this time, along with a couple of updates for the site you are currently reading.  It is always good to be up-to-date on what is going on in a certain field, because interesting creations show up all the time, and taking note of them sooner than later is helpful.  Also, it tends to be preferred to take part in a process while it is still occurring, as opposed to looking back on how it went a few months ago.

Steve Pavlina is part of the way through one of his longest posts that is split up into parts, discussing how to network with busy people, and there is a load of relatively untapped material there.  There are very few who would be able to provide such an article based on their experience, and Steve certainly is approached by multitudes of individuals online.  If you get the thought that he is just boasting about his position through the articles, it is good to think about all the successfully or busy people who wouldn’t publicly talk about this kind of information.  Here is a link to the first part of the series.

Recently, I wrote a post here about 100 different ways to show boldness to others(after getting the idea from Luciano at Litemind.com), which has been spread around a fair amount, and I am glad for that, because public boldness is something I like to promote.  Mike King from LearnThis.ca followed up on this in true style to his focus on leadership with 100 Ways To Be A Better Leader, which fits in with one of his strengths.  I look forward to seeing if any of the individuals he has challenged will respond with their own.

Celestine over at CelestineChua.com is doing quite a bit, and one item that stands out is that she is in the process of creating a personal development school of sorts, called The School Of Personal Excellence.  With an inventive and entrepreneurial idea like that, along with the action that you know Celes is bringing to the table, you can’t help but see positive outcomes on the way.

We often talk about making a goal and following through with it as long as it continues to match your interests, and Steven Aitchison from Change Your Thoughts recently posted a goal of his to be more present on CYT through continuous postings and added new items like the video podcasts he has put out.  The goal has worked out just as he envisioned it as of yet, the readers are glad for the expansion of content, and he is on the way to reaching the related audience goal as well by the tentative deadline that was set.  On a related note, I had a guest post earlier this week over at CYT that you can visit here:

Find Out Who Your True Supporters Are Through Action

Leo from Zen Habits is doing something with fits in line with how Steve said that busy people adjust the channels people can reach them through when they get clogged, and following up on his concept about killing e-mail usage, he has started a radical transparency concept, where decisions for what occurs on Zen Habits can be crowdsourced to his readers, saving him time to work on his writing.  This is certainly a game-changer, because as we know, when you pull back, other people are even more attracted to you, and this concept matches that well.  This is certainly an atypical route to go through, but the influence is palpable, and the procedure certainly sets a precedent for other sites to possibly take crowdsourcing into account as an option instead of creating site forums to handle large-scale external input.

Alex over at AlexShalman.com recently interviewed Mark Sisson, writer at Marks Daily Apple, and Mark broke down some myths about food that get us eating the wrong way for no reason.  Mark, a triathlete, writes often about the right foods to eat, or how to get and maintain fitness.

I also had a guest post that I wrote for The Change Blog, about how you can re-frame your interactions with others in order to handle them more smoothly.  It is viewable through this link:

How Re-Structuring Routine Interactions With Others Can Promote Positive Growth

Finally, during this upcoming week, I will be giving away a second copy of a book I was provided with to one reader through a possibly complex and hard-to-win contest of sorts.

6 thoughts on “Updates In The Personal Development Blogosphere 8-9-09”

  1. Mike: Thanks for that. I like that you created a branch-off effect for that “100 ways” concept. Arswino sure did step up to the challenge, and has challenged others even further at the end of his, so the dissemination of the idea is pretty cool. His list certainly has many valid motivational points that go together well.

    Thanks for your input.

  2. Hey Armen, thanks for the mention on the school! I’m really excited about it and will keep everyone posted on how it goes 🙂 For sure, there’s lots of administrative/technical details that come into the setting up of a school but I’m really lucky to have great partners working with me on this.

  3. Celes: Certainly, as it sure is a worthy point to bring up and has a solid name. The fact that you have partners along for the process heavily supports that we will soon see such a school in place.

  4. I’m active as personal development blogger for a while already through my personal site, but recently launched a new project called HowToLiveWow.com. Your post was very helpful to get a better overview of the blogosphere (in which I hope to meet a lot of fascinating people and, above all, hope to contribute!) and I think you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Sietse: Hello to you. It looks like your site has a cool idea behind it. I read the description on it and it is cool to have a site about living life in a big way.

    I will likely end up doing another update post when a certain amount of new material to point out has been accumulated. Thanks for the positive messages.

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