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Hi folks.  I haven’t asked this in a long while.  What would you like me to discuss in a future article?  Is there some issue you that you or a friend has, that I might be able to shine a light on?  Let me know in a comment or in an e-mail through my contacts page.  I like to hear from you folks.  I know some of you like to message through e-mail as opposed to in the comments section, and that is fine too.

Also, if you just want to say hello, that is great as well.

On a separate note, let’s go over some content from other sites.

Scott and his MIT Challenge

Scott Young is not far from completing his MIT Challenge.  He is at 27/33 classes completed.  Just as a reminder, he is completing a 4-year MIT computer science curriculum online in 1 year, without attending or even being a student at MIT.  He has shown the determination to go this far, and will soon have a big accomplishment under his belt.  He even gave a speech at TEDx about it – Can You Get An MIT Education For $2,000?

He has a recent article about getting meaningful things done in life and still remaining interesting.  This is something that involves balancing how you structure your day, but we can all remain interesting and forward-moving.  There is no reason for any of us to become boring and routine-oriented.

The System Justification Bias

A recent article on PsyBlog, written by in-progress PhD psychology researcher Jeremy Dean, is about how society doesn’t change so much due to a bias we have in maintaining that which we perceive as the regular way things have or are being done.  People “tend to go with what they know rather than a new, unknown option.”  While we can recognize that this may be the case, we have to also take into account that this mindset can keep inefficient methods lingering for months or years after they should have been replaced.  The same principles that keep us feeling a bit safe or comfortable can be the cause of a lack of progress.

You may want to take a look at some of the things you are doing, and see if you are doing them out of routine or for a reason you have a sense is worthwhile.

Some Things You Can Do Today

Angel over at Marc and Angel just posted an article about 12 key things you can do today that can make a difference. It is a pretty straight-forward post, but all the tips on there are things you can do today to make it a smooth day.  You could use tip #10 and meet someone new today, online or offline, and that person could share in your experience in some way.  Tip #5 lets you know to put aside the negatives for some thing you may be worrying or hesitant about.  It might just be what you need to take the next step.

Helping Someone Their Way

Lastly, there was a post on Reddit asking about how to tutor a young boy who was doing poorly in school and who only wanted to play XBox and Minecraft.  Some of the top-voted replies suggested something that is a great way to reach any person to help them – work with them as they are.  For example, with the boy, teaching him math or other subjects by relating it to the Minecraft or XBox games he plays might be a way to make it more interesting.  When we like something, we are usually glad to associate anything with it, because it leads back to what we like.

In the same regard, if you want to help someone in some aspect, find a way to relate the tough parts of it to parts that are easier for them to grasp, or to things they enjoy doing.  This can also be used for your own personal growth, connecting one task to a more enjoyable one, so you always do them together and are able to complete the less enjoyable one.

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  1. The most interesting things are always the one’s of failure and struggle – tell us what you struggle with right now, you might get a bunch of good input 😉

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