You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Deserve What You Get

You are in a certain state of mind and environment.  You have some material possessions, positions in various social systems, and other entities that you have become accustomed to.  You have the option to look at the things you have as if you don’t deserve any of them, and also have the option to look at things you don’t have and become disappointed due to that.  When you read this, you are thinking those are terrible ideas.  On the other hand, there are many people that think they don’t deserve what they have, or that they deserve something they don’t currently have.  Here I discuss why you deserve only what you currently have or have gotten.

You Aren’t The President Of Your Country

For example, in the United States, there is only one president.  Should everyone else beat themselves up daily for not being the president right now?  You could go outside right now and put people down for failing to rise to the level of presidency.  You could also blame yourself for that.  It would likely be a ridiculous activity.  This same concept applies to any other position you are not in.  There is no value in beating yourself up for not being there.  Also, anyone who is in a position put in X amount of work to get there, so if  you want to be there, you have to put in X amount of work as well, no questions asked.

You’re Not Spoiled

You might be in a position where you think that you have been provided with too much, and that it has spoiled you, and even worse, that you allowed the spoilage to occur.  Remember that you are not spoiled because you got what you got.  You are only spoiled when you don’t appreciate what you currently have at this time.  You can change your current state of spoilage in an instant if you take what you have and work with it in a productive fashion.

You Deserve What You Get

You need to internalize this concept.  If you want to acquire something, and you grasp for it, and then get it, it is yours for your own use.  No one can say you don’t have rights to it, unless you broke the law, because they didn’t reach for it.  This is an empowering concept.  If you create a position, and then maintain that position, no one can argue with you about it.  This is how pro-activity provides a shining beacon of light.  You create a community group of 20 people that play music together, and set yourself as the Head Musical Chair.  People might argue with you about being power hungry later on down the road, but before you came to the scene, the group and position were non-existent.  The only way people should actually battle you is to try to do more good things than you.  Any other way doesn’t work or make sense.

Use What You Have

Understand that your current possessions and positions of status are appropriate and to be used.  If you don’t feel that something in your presence fits you because you are undeserving of it, or that you deserve more than it, realize that those thoughts only slow you down.  It is not only that you should appreciate what you have, but that you should realize it is there to stay, unless someone is trying to take it away from you right now, so you should utilize it to further your goals, forgetting about whether you deserve it, or not, or more.

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  1. i think that you are right we should not think if we deserve something or not we should use what we have to get what we want maybe we have a great things but we really dont it’ value untill we lose it

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