You Don’t Know What Works Until You Fully Try

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The assumptions you may have can be quickly found to be not true if you test them with your effort.  You might assume that one opportunity is lost, or that someone doesn’t like you, or that you’ve lost a business partner, or that your abilities aren’t enough for the position you desire.  Your assumption will remain true for you until you test against it.  In your head, a person who you feel doesn’t like you will still be “against you” until you actually try to talk to them, or they try to talk to you, in order to clear up any misconceptions.  In the same way, an opportunity that you see might be the real deal.

Twitter Example

My Twitter user name was ‘ArmenShirvanian’.  I originally tried ‘Armen’ when I signed up, but it was already taken, as basically all names were already taken two or three years ago, so I went with the first and last name user name.  I was alright with this, as it is good to be glad for what is available.

A couple of weeks ago, I checked again and had noticed the user using the name ‘Armen’ didn’t seem to be using Twitter, except once every few months or more.  I imagined myself in usage of it, and thought it would give me a boost when I would use it.  There are hundreds of Armen’s online, and maybe they had tried it as well, but they didn’t take this next step.

I used Internet search methods, and then a few more steps, in order to be able to communicate with the user of the name, and let him know my intent and desires, as well as my goals with the name.  Some would call this a shot in the dark, or effort spent for no reason, but once I thought of it, I had my mind set.  I made a wholehearted attempt during the process, and presented the argument or reasoning I had in my mind, and it turned out the great Armen who was using the name supported my usage of it, and now I am on the name.  I would like to publicly thank him here, as he liked the content on this site, and was quite friendly and supportive.

Making The Attempt Is The Main Event

This might be a small deal to some, but there is certainly a message to take away from this example.  Before I got the response, which came maybe a week or two after I had sent my message, I had the feeling that my message had been ignored, and that the opportunity didn’t work out.  However, I had made the attempt.  There is a difference between telling yourself something won’t work out, versus trying it to see if it will work out.  Lately there have been a few items that I had thought would certainly not come out in my favor, and when they did, it was not based on any worry or fear I might have had, but on effort I put out.  If you take any of my examples and remove the effort I put in, the results that were remarkable to me would be guaranteed to have not shown up.

If you currently see something as out of your reach, or feel that you are lacking something to get it, that is okay, but only have that feeling if you have tried to get it.  The orange might fall from the orange tree by itself, but it won’t hop onto your counter-top and turn itself into orange juice.  You can imagine it as orange juice that you can drink, and hope that the orange is in good condition for juicing, but you have to juice it.  Blaming the orange for not juicing itself, or complaining about a lack of orange juice, looks silly in this orange juice example, and that paradigm is silly in any related example as well.

Don’t Skip Out On Desire #1

Often times, people will tell you to find out what your wants or desires are.  One problem that occurs during this process is that you think about something you desire first, and then doubt that you could ever get it, and then move on to thinking about a smaller desire you have.  Now, you might then be able to pursue and acquire your second-best desire, but why did you skip your main one?  The most motivation you will have will come with your main desire.  Why can’t you get it?  If you want to lose weight, or learn Swedish, or pass an employment or academic exam, there is no reason why you have to skip that desire, and end up working on your smaller desire of learning to play the trombone.

There is a book called “Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity“(not affiliate link), by Hugh MacLeod, and in the same way, you sometimes need to ignore yourself when your self instantly gives up on your main interest.  Shakira’s song “Give It Up To Me” has a chorus line that says “Anything you want you can make it yours”, and this is what you need to think of first when your item of interest comes into your thoughts.

Everything Is Within Your Reach Right Now

To reiterate one more time, there were items that I thought were out of my reach, but I still went after them in some way, and then gave the results a chance to speak for themselves.  After the process, it turned out that they were not out of my reach.  That means that I was wrong in the first place to think they were out of my reach.  This means that things I originally feel are out of my reach now are actually not.  If that isn’t “empowering” to you, then we need a new word that means what “empowering” meant, and I will call it that.

Following in the example of this post, feel free to follow me on Twitter at @Armen.

30 thoughts on “You Don’t Know What Works Until You Fully Try”

  1. Agreed Armen. Just taking that extra step can go a long way. It also doesn’t hurt to get creative or even crazy. Well maybe not crazy, because that can mean a lot of different things to different people and we wouldn’t want anyone killing someone, would we?

    1. Hey Henri.

      Good point about getting creative or crazy. I am glad to do that at times. I can use grandiloquent diction to emphasize my poignant points, or use flowery wording to express imagery like a flowery blossom.

      Crazy sure does have its limitations though, as you pointed out there.

  2. Hey Armen,

    I agree with the message of your post completely. We need to really test boundaries when we do anything, otherwise we’ll just be shortchanging ourselves in the end.

    This is why being bold is so useful (not to mention fun and rewarding!).

    1. Hey Brett.

      I completely disagree with your agreeing with the post. I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

      This is true about testing boundaries. Sometimes the folks who we think are instigators are just enlivening the event. I know that certain individuals bring a lot to the table through their bold actions and words, and it is easy to notice when they are not there, because the boldness is then no longer present.

      Good call about it being fun and rewarding. Boldness for the win.

  3. Hey Armen,

    I like it how you extract big life lessons for personal experiences. I think a lot of us give up way too quickly when we want to do something. As a matter a fact, I think a lot us us give up just when what we are doing or thinking about doing is about to show results. Darn! Another missed opportunity. 🙂


    1. Hey Eduard.

      Thanks about that. That is one of the things I tend to do. I might even write a post about that. There are many times where I am in a situation thinking about the global message when others are just enjoying their time. It is important to me. I like that you noticed.

      That is true about us giving up before results come, which is obviously not good. I guess the only way to avoid that is to not give up. Persistence is supported by society bigtime.

  4. I think what limits some/most people in trying is because they are overly concerned about what others may think about their ideas or about them when they fail. Possibly why the book on creativity you mentioned by Hugh MacLeod is titled “Ignore everybody”.

    1. Hey Jeanette.

      This is true. The times when I am concerned about how I will come off, or how I will be perceived, are also some of the times where I become inactive. They go hand in hand. I have to remember to listen to what Hugh said there in his book title.

  5. Taking risks and trying things rather then discrediting them in our own head is great advice. We grow with each attempt with er it successes or not. Thanks for the great article.

    1. Hey Quinn.

      Discrediting something makes it not likely to occur. When we discredit something in our thoughts, the thoughts translate to the real world, and then we have missed out on an opportunity again.

      More attempts is the way as you said right there.

  6. Great example here Armen. Its funny, I just posted a tweet about the word Try and then bam, you’ve got a great article about it as well. It was completely coincidental but a good one! Nice story about getting the twitter name, it seems a lot of names are parked like domains and not that many good people willing to give them up. Great to hear and the previous Armen should feel good about it!

    1. Hey Mike.

      That is smooth how that worked out. The article sure does blend with the idea of giving something a real try.

      A lot of names sure are parked, and Twitter also is against that concept from what I read on one post about 10 types of Twitter usages it is against on Mashable.

      The previous Armen is a great individual, and the way he handed it off added an extra bit of inspiration/”it’s all you”. It was a surprise, but the efforts I put in toward it were also a surprise to me, so I guess it was fitting.

  7. Hi Armen,
    For a long time I’ve wanted the Twitter username “Gordie” but it has been taken. I also notice that he never uses it. I will send him an @mesage today to see if he’s willing to talk. Any other ways besides that for contacting the guy? Cheers.

    1. Hey Gordie.

      I hear you there. I had a bit of an easier time as the individual had a last name listed, and location/subject specific tweets. That was a good idea about messaging. Other than messaging or following and messaging that way, I can’t really see a way there other than waiting for the 6 month expiration(I think it is 6 months), if the account isn’t being used.

    1. Hi Amit.

      Well, the person could start to spread slander about you on the internet, or attack your reputation, or try to hack into one of your accounts, or turn you down in a rude way, or call you weak, or try to sue you for some reason, etc.

      On the other hand, that was mostly a joke, and people tend to have good intent for each other, so you are right.

  8. Armen is a superstar. ’nuff said.

    this post had a sparklingly dirty muskiness to it. like a discoball dipped in the blood, sweat and tears of a thousand virgins. and i’m not even exaggerating.

    reminded me of my old mentalities and skipped the record from my neural vinyl collection labeled “memory” to the familiar groove that used to be “me”.

    I spent ample time focusing on learning how to be social and get friends and pick up chicks. In the process, i went through an overcompensating arrogant phase where i pissed a lot of people off and the way you put this really made me smile, “In your head, a person who you feel doesn’t like you will still be “against you” until you actually try to talk to them”

    The twitter example also reminded me of all the times i decided to go for something that everybody else, including my better judgement, said would never happen.

    Def agree that the attempt, the “get up and make it happen” is the most important part. By far. Just wrote a guest post – not sure where it’ll be yet – about how in any situation there’s always a path to choose that will make you most successful given the situation – a best possible choice… and “blaming the orange for not juicing itself” is the best possible way you could have put it.

    Inspiring stuff mate.


    Keep well and in touch
    alex –

    1. Hey Alex.

      I pasted that line of yours about me being a superstar to a few folks, just as confirmation. It’s a good thing we cleared that up.

      Thanks for that detailed description of the post, with some cool imagery. I sure did have a story I was wanting to let out.

      I have noticed that our minds as people are fairly connected, and that relates to your old mentalities reminder.

      It’s sort of funny about how after we do something that we thought had basically no chance of working out, we are like a different person than we were before it, like that quote that says that once the mind expands, it never goes back to its original form.

      Cool stuff on the guest post concept. We tend to at least think of the optimal path at least at some point, so it is good to not run from it when that occurs.

  9. Dear Armen:
    Thanks for your article just one month ago I decided to leave my employ and to begin with my own business as a coach, I want to share my knowledge and experience to help business people who has to share her time among their kids and career, and they are not happy, also I want to become in a writer.
    Many people have told to me I ‘m crazy but I have a dream and a mission..

    1. Hi Rosangel.

      Thanks for that regarding one of my past articles. That sounds reasonable about the decision you have made there. When others tell you you are crazy, you should see that they are trying to help protect you, so make sure to balance that with what you are doing. Also, it is good that you have a dream and mission, as many don’t get to that point.

      Nothing remarkable is easy.

  10. Armen, very well thought out post. For me there’s been alot of things that this could be applied to. The podcast that I do was one of those things. I didn’t know if it would be a success at all but I had to go out on a limb and try it. It’s turned out to be a huge asset to my blog and my readers.

    1. Hi Srinivas.

      Thanks about the post. There sure are a lot of example of it as you said. I thought of a few that others did lately, and I was able to relate to them. Alex pointed out that he had examples that came to mind too. I won’t forget what I learned through the experience.

      Good call about your podcast series. Before you made it you may have wondered 20 things, and now you would regret if you hadn’t started it.

    1. Hey Oscar.

      Thanks about that. It is awesome to me too. Looking back after a good item, we always think to ourselves “why not sooner?”. Speed of implementation is the winning point, as usual.

    1. Hey Rocky.

      You sure are right about this. We can do it, regardless of all the risks, because those risks can be overtaken too. Thanks for this message.

  11. wow, great story Armen and great outcome:) you are right, if we just take action without letting our limiting beliefs to get in the way, we would all be so much happier and succesful in life. It’s all about taking action. Thanks for the post!

    1. Hey Lana.

      Thanks about that, and it sure was. I agree with you about that. I would also add that one risk-taking can lead to the next risk-taking as long as we don’t wait too long before we do it. It can be one following another.

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